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State of the Union Speeches, and commentaries.


SOTU : 3 items

SOTU 2019 - The State of the Union speech was a little late (thanks to Nancy's shutdown), but it got delivered. Trump took the high road, Nancy/Dems took the lower one. Trump got a 76% approval, and higher ratings that 2018 or Obama, on a longer and deeper speech . But FakeNews NBC called it a "Theater of the Absurd". And the Fake FactCheckers at NYT, Politico, NPR and WaPo all proved their bias in their counter-factuals.

SOTU 2018 - To quote Ben Shapiro, "On Tuesday evening, Democrats proved that they’re no longer “progressives” or even the loyal opposition. They’re merely one thing: the anti-Trump party." They proved they're everything they claimed to hate about Republicans, only worse. While Trump was more Presidential than Obama in any of his speeches.

SOTU 2020 - Donald Trump was facing Scampeachment and his 2020 State of the Union Address was one of the best in History. Certainly my lifetime. He mixed national price, accomplishment, and live examples of the things that he supported and the Democrats opposed in ways that made the Democrats either support his causes (American interests) or look petty and anti-American. They chose the latter path, with Pelosi going so far as to tear up his speech in her own Nancy the ripper saga, that made her and her white witches in congress look petty, anti-American, and like a cult of the irrational. This display will cost Democrats in the polls, which they will blame on Americans being racist-sexist-homophobic-bigots.


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