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Just some articles about a controversial and accomplished person. It's funny, I met him a few times, was in a couple meeting with him, and he knew me by site, and by name: but I don't think both. I wrote articles for Tech Magazines, and sometimes folks would send me something, "Steve read that, and liked that article", sort of stuff. And then we'd be in meetings (in my day-time / non-writing role), or see him on campus, and I would see recognition that he knew me from other meetings or events (sometimes a nod), but he also knew by site/memory that I wasn't someone he had to sell anything. I was never sure if he knew that I was the same person (writing me, and engineering me).

Articles:4 items

  • Steve Jobs (2015) -
    A fictionalized drama-mentory retelling of Steve Jobs life, by an ultra-Liberal director (Aaron Sorkin). Reviewers preferred it more than audiences +13% (86/73). While the dialog and story is the best of the rash of Steve Jobs pseudo-biographies, this one captured the spirit of many things better, while getting too many actual facts wrong. It would have been great, if only they were fictional characters.
  • Jobs (2013) -
    Hollywood has this attitude that fiction is more interesting than real life. It is more interesting to people that don't care about the truth as much as they care about shallow entertainment and becoming more misinformed about a topic or person. I'm not their audience, and this movie wasn't made for me. Walter Isaacson's book was pretty good, but flawed. This movie omitted the former and exaggerated the latter.
  • History of this site -
    Wayback Machine.png
    This is the history of how this website evolved -- from simple origins in hand-coded HTML in 1995, to my own content managers, to workpress and now Wikipedia's engine. As well as how this went from a MacAdvocacy page, to the jumble of articles and politics that it had become.
  • Envy up - There's many that are victims to what I call the “Envy Up” phenomenon. You can either envy people that are richer and have more things, or envy people that have less "things" but a richer life or life experiences (envy down: in economic status).


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