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The Baloney Brave!
Hypocritical Senator with a lifetime of frauds, flakes, flip-flops, and double-speak. With Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Michelle Obama, Sandra Fluke, and so on, the one thing the Democrat Party needs is another loud-mouthed, abrasive and lying Women without a clue on economics. I decided to do a timeline of Elizabeth Warren's life accomplishments. To tell a story about who the second best female candidate the Democrats have to offer us.

Warren : 10 items

NYT Kavanaugh Smear -
Acting as a DNC's mouthpiece, the NYT published a hit-piece by Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly, who were promoting their book attacking Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh for being a sexual harasser. The shocking new allegation was about Brett having someone else put his penis in a girls hand during a party. This resulted in all the far lefties (Warren, Sanders, Harris, Booker, Buttigieg, The Squad) demanding Brett's impeachment before any conviction or evidence. The bigger problem is this scoop had already been investigated (and discounted), the woman (victim) doesn't have any memory of it happening, there are no other witnesses who corroborate it (and many that came forward to defend Brett), assuming we can imagine how some other friend can even get your penis to put it in someone else's hand. But the problem is how did a story that all other newspapers had passed on as being non-credible, make it past the times editors, after having all the exculpatory evidence get omitted from the article, get tweeted about, and get repeated on NPR. Even the other left-wing media outlets called bullshit on the NYT and said this was a big embarrassment for real journalism, while the Times has been distracting, attacking, blaming Fox for blowing this up, and changing the topic, and doing anything but sincerely apologizing and firing those responsible.

Memes-Warren - Fauxcahontas (Elizebeth Warren). Gives up on teaching, her marriage and her party to exploit minorities, and becomes a champion on the ethics of the left.

Warren: Fake Pregnant -
Elizabeth played the Fake Victim card, again. This time it was about her getting fired for being pregnant. The short version is she claimed that she was fired for being pregnant and that's why she left teaching.Only there's a lot of evidence that implies that's not the case. Then on top of that, when that started coming out she blamed the vast right wing conspiracy... only it was a Bernie supporting socialist that was first to call bullshit on it. More than that, it contradicts the story as she's been telling it for decades. Was she lying then or now, or both? With Warren the truth is malleable to the situation... but the one constant is "poor me". If you want the biggest FakeVictim President, then she's your man.

Warren: History - There's a whole wiki dedicated to Elizabeth Warren, and understanding who she really is (not just the politician's facade):
  • Failed teacher: She was a master-debator in High School who aspired to become a teacher, and got a degree in speech pathology and audiology and married her first husband (Jim Warren), but after a year teaching public school on a "emergency credential" (because she never completed the required prerequisites and certificates) she failed and left teaching, and decided to be a stay-at home mom instead.
  • Failed stay-at-home Mom: her "I'm going to be a stay-at-home mom", lasted 2 years, before she went to law school. I don't have anything against Mom's that choose to go back to work, but for her, it's a pattern of failure
  • Failed Marriage: Liz had another kid, then divorced her first husband
  • Nepotism: After her divorce she married a Husband that would help her move up more in her law career (a Harvard Law Professor named Bruce Mann). But she retained her prior married-name so no one would notice the nepotism.
  • Failed Republican: She switched political affiliations to Democrat, after moving from Texas to Massachusetts under the claim that "no one party should dominate". Yes, because those pesky Republicans were crushing it in places like Harvard and Massachusetts where she was living at the time. It certainly wasn't for political opportunism, she swears.
  • Champion of the poor (keeping them down): She has been an unending far left advocate for no accountability in bankruptcy laws, if you're a consumer. The poorer you are, the bigger the advocate she is (no matter the crime or incompetence). And the richer, the more of a hater she is, no matter the integrity or justification. Because, you know, it's not about mistakes/crimes you make, but the wealth you have.
  • Media Whore: She so wants to inject herself into discussions she has no qualifications for. Like when Trump and the Military used a MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) on an ISIS stronghold in Afghanistan, she "demanded" an explanation for why. All based on absolutely no military or foreign policy chops, or authority, whatsoever. Bless her heart, she thinks her opinion matters.
  • Failed Researcher: She has written a series of error ridden polemic academic and popular pieces alike, that are jokes among the informed, but well liked by the illiterati. (Those on the left and in the media that want to believe her dim-witted rhetoric).
  • Warren rails against the system (CFPB) that she designed
  • Failed Bureaucrat :
    • With qualifications like that, Democrats put her on the Congressional Oversight Panel created to oversee the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP)... where she accomplished absolutely nothing of merit (other than distracting from any real progress).
    • That lack of success qualified her to be in the Obama Administration as Assistant to the President and Special Advisor to the Secretary of the Treasury for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. An agency that was so incompetently run that they decide they can't give merit pay increase to one person, who deserved it, without giving them to everyone else, who didn't. So they created a policy to give everyone top marks, in order avoid having to do their job of stack ranking or merit pay: costing taxpayers millions of dollars in the process.
  • Failed Senator : So because she's an incompetent progressive, that qualified her to take over Teddy Kennedy's seat. Of course she hadn't accidentally murdered anyone drunk driving after whoring like Teddy had, but she was kept the obnoxious, partisan and incompetent parts of his legacy going. Her only major accomplishment was getting assigned to committees (the Senate Special Committee on Aging; the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee; and the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee), where she appears to have accomplished absolutely nothing of merit, other than self-promotion, and obnoxious speeches littered with disinformation and self-congratulations. No one has pointed to an actual accomplishment that I could find. So she gets a participation trophy for attendance, while many on those comittees wish she showed up and grandstanded less.

Warren: Media Bias - In the Presidential Primary Warren came in 3rd, in her own state. The media will carry her water: NY Mag called her 'the frontrunner' with a fawning cover story, Time gave her 2 covers with "I have a plan for that" and "Who's afraid of Warren", Rolling Stone said "Rise and Resilliance", The Nation called her a fighter, The Boston Globe endorsed her for President.

Warren: Nicknames - Pocahontas, Fauxcahontas, Sitting Bullshit, Crazy Hoarse, The Baloney Brave, Hunts at Whole Foods, Lie-awatha, Will She Sioux?

Warren:Annie get your gun -

Warren:Fake Indian -
Elizabeth Warren not only told stories about her Native American Heritage for decades, but she checked a box that increased her odds of admission into Harvard, and claimed a fraudulent minority status claim as a Cherokee, even though the closest she comes is that her grandfather bragged that he shot a Cherokee in the town Newspaper. While abusing the racial preferences for personal gain would be fraud and a crime that would never be forgiven a Conservative or Independent, Harvard and the media gives her a pass on this behavior. Democrats don't need integrity, "what difference does it make?"

Warren:MeToo -
Elizabeth Warren has a bit of an exaggeration problem, as exemplified by her MeToo story:
  • In 1997 at the memorial of Eugene Smith (a colleague), she talked fondly of him, and told the gathered mourners she was laughing as polio stricken Smith once chased her around his desk.
  • In 2017, once she could garner attention by jumping on the #MeToo bandwagon, suddenly, it was a traumatizing about how he would tell dirty jokes and make comments about her appearance, and then terrorized her by chasing her around a desk, and she "never told anyone" about the trauma... well other than mourners, and a biography writer.

So which is it? Was she lying before by choosing to show up to his memorial and tell light hearted story about the guy, or was she lying by telling the harrowing tale of how she was traumatized into silence by a superior (and yet there was no consequences)? They seem pretty mutually exclusive to me.

Warren:Positions -
  • $22/Hour minimum wage: With destructive positions like a $22/hour minimum wage, that would decimate the economy, she has been called out by the head of the chamber of commerce as, "no other candidate in 2012 represents a greater threat to free enterprise than Professor Warren!"
  • Eat the rich: Her primary position was that while the top 1% ALREADY pay over 30% of all taxes, they should be paying more. She either knows that this will make government and politicians even MORE dependent on them, and thus continue to erode our democracy into a political aristocracy, and extend the rich's influence even more, - OR- she's a complete moron to not understand that the more you become dependent on a group, then the more influence that group will have.
    • Many think she's sincere, but I have a hard time believing she could be that stupid or self-deluded. Ted Kennedy was known to have known better, but he admitted that lying to get ahead was how the game was played. I wonder if people think she is really that much dumber than a man, or just a much better liar than a Kennedy?


So she has many lifetime of achievements like marrying for opportunity, divorce, lying to get ahead, taking every far left position to get on committees and political appointments (without achieving anything of merit other than self-promotion while on them), raising lots of money for the Democrats (based on disinformation) and credentials/awards earned from far left organizations for being a liberal polemicist without any real accomplishments, someone who lies about her race. With a Résumé like that, isn't she perfectly qualified for Democrat Presidential Candidate?

She has all the qualifications required: a Vagina, a History of failure, and a big, obnoxious, lie spewing mouth. Because with Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Michelle Obama, Sandra Fluke, and so on, the one thing the Democrat Party lacks is enough loud-mouthed, abrasive and lying Women without a clue on economics?


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