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Chappaquiddick: where Ted Kennedy did an amphibious assault in the "War on Women", and the Democrats to this day, will make excuses for it. The FakeNews NYT and AP will still whitewash the story for the Democrats and pretend it was a accident instead of a conspiracy and a coverup of manslaughter at best. [1]

The basics of the story are this:

  1. Kennedy said he Mary Jo requested a ride home to her hotel. She told no one that she was leaving for the night with Kennedy, and left her purse and hotel key at the party.
  2. His timeline and officer/witness do not match at all.
  3. Ted drove into eight feet of water (max) and escaped from his overturned car.
  4. In attempting to save his passenger, he dove down (7 or 8 times) but couldn't open a door of the car he'd just exited from.
  5. He then walked a mile, passed 4 house and a fire station (that claim they left lights on, and he said they hadn't and he didn't see them), and he asked for help at none of them.
  6. Instead, Kennedy went back to the party and got his best buddies (both lawyers) to come help instead. But after multiple attempts to dive down, they couldn't find a rock and so couldn't get into the car either.
  7. The lawyers recommended he report it to authorities and thought he was going to, but he never did. Instead Kennedy either walked or was dropped off a few more miles away, swam a few hundred feet to his Hotel, got out of the water, and walked to his hotel room. Rested for an hour or two, then got dressed, went out and saw a hotel worker at around 2:30 and then went back to bed.
  8. The buddies, both married men, went back to their rented house, failing to stop at the fire station or ask anyone else for help. They went into the party house, didn't tell the others unmarried women there what had happened, and went to bed. Either that, or they were lying to cover for Ted.
  9. The next morning the men arrived, argued with Kennedy, they went back to a payphone near Chappaquiddick, where Ted called more lawyers, and at least 10 of them arrived to help him. But he still didn't notify the authorities of what had happened. Only after he heard the cops had discovered the car and body did he drive into town and make his well practiced/vetted statement to authorities. And it had lots of contradictions. He later had a Press Conference and told another story with facts like the famous boozer had been at a party for many hours but hadn't had anything to drink.
  10. According to the diver on the scene, there was an air pocket in the car, and that's where she was found her standing to gasp at and she suffocated over three or four hours, not drowned. He said he could have gotten her out in 20 minutes if anyone had called. The Medical examiner (D) signed off it was a drowning instead.
  11. There was an attempted exemption (and autopsy) since they found blood on her clothes found at the coroners office was not consistent with drowning, but the local Judge (D) refused to allow it.

Drunk driving (or "driving to endanger") that ends the life of a Woman, and then going home and not reporting it would get anyone else charged with manslaughter. But Democrats obstructed those attempts multiple times. And to this day, propagated it as a tragedy and attacked anyone who disagrees, and kept re-electing him and putting this champion of women's rights into the Senate for another 40 years.


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Written 2018.0416