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Chris Cuomo, socialist son of Mario Cuomo (52nd Governor of New York) and brother of Andrew Cuomo (56th Governor of NY). Whatever problem this under-achievers genes won't get him into, his mouth will. He's known for claiming "hate speech" is unprotected by the First Amendment, and other such silliness. Without the chops to teach civics in Jr. High School, he's one of CNN's top anchors.


2019.08.12 Fredogate -
Chris Cuomo, CNN's FakeNews reporter and socialist in chief, who got his job for being the Son of Mario Cuomo, and Brother of Andrew Cuomo (failed Governors of NY), got mad because someone called him "Fredo" after the "black sheep" in the fictional Corleone family fuckup (in the Godfather). Chris was outraged and was caught on video threatening to throw the guy down the stairs if he called him that again, and raged later that when this went viral, it was like the N-word to dagoes like him. Only it wasn't a slur against all dagoes.... it is a targeted slight against just the failure of a family (not at all alike). Trump Jr. mocked Chris for anger management issues and pointing out that RedFlag laws meant his guns should be taken away for his violence outburst, so the media defended Fredo. For the record: Chris had allowed the slur be used on his show without complaining about its severity, and he referred to himself as it on a radio show in the past, so it most definitely wasn't about the severity of the term. While CNN defended him and the outburst, everyone who can fog a mirror knows that if they were a real Journalistic institution, a reporter that makes the story about himself, isn't a good journalist... and if it had been a conservative that made the outburst, CNN would have attacked them relentless for weeks. So FakeNews doubled down with a side of hypocrisy.

2016.10.17 Illegal to read Wikileaks - CNN's Chris Cuomo moronically says it's illegal for the public to look at Wikileaks, but it's different for the media (so trust them to filter for you). Both are wrong. Even left of center WaPo had to admit that was FakeNews. In the name of journalistic standards, he was never fired, nor issued a retraction or apology.

CNN Gun Control - CNN Gun Control -
For 38 years, there have been many, many bad shows that demonstrated CNN's anti-liberty (Anti-2A) biases, and their lack of competent fact checkers. Piers Morgan deserves special mention as a gun-incompetent expert for CNN, regularly getting schooled by guests. Everyone makes mistakes. But the example image shows a screen cap with the kind of consistently bad slop that comes to define CNN when it comes to guns. I have yet to see CNN gun-reporting that wasn't mockworthy. Some examples:
  • They don't even know the difference between caliber and millimeter (pretty basic stuff).
  • 0.223mm is about 1/128th of an inch. It is either a .223 Caliber (how much of an inch across it is), or it's a 5.56mm.
  • They also got wrong 0.9mm (9mm) and .22mm long rifle (22LR).
  • I think they only tried to add the "long rifle" because it sounded "scary". In truth, the 22LR is the weakest common rifle or pistol round you can get. (Though the .22 short was first created in 1857 for kids to learn to shoot paper with).
  • To give you a sense of scale on 2,000 rounds: boxes are 50-100 rounds, bulk is 500-1,000 rounds (5-10 boxes). The average person shoots a few boxes every time they practice. So this maniac had enough ammo to go shooting 3 or 4 times with each gun. In Texas or Arkansas upon hearing of that stockpile, their first thought would be, "Bubba's running bone dry on ammo".

That isn't the first time they've been stupid or dishonest about guns. Including:

  • 2018.05.18 Jim Sciutto and Sara Murray both tweeted how we had 22 school shootings so far this year, using Everytown for Gun Safety's long discredited fake methodology.
  • 2018.02.27 In a FakeNews story trying to sensationalize how dangerous an AR-15 is, they got some dingleberry General to do/say everything wrong in firing it, and totally fuck up the "facts", like "Full Semi-Automatic". Their "report" became a meme mocked by anyone who knows the basics of guns.
  • 2018.03.21 They invite every far left anti-Gun parkland teen to pontificate on ideas beyond their intellectual carry capacity, but refuse to invite a single conservative teen on (they're too informed). They finally, invite one, to preserve the sham of being a news site, but quickly disinvite him for a retweet about one of their sports commentators. It's almost like they were looking for an excuse to avoid letting the other side on.
  • 2018.02.21 A story CNN was pumping about a school shooting survivor, just happens to have a mom who was a CNN VIP (and they never disclosed that).
  • 2018.02.21 CNN's Chris Cuomo posts false story about being able to buy a gun without proper ID or background check. Lies about it. Refuses to apologize. None demanded by CNN.
  • 2018.02.06 - Parkland Lies: after Parkland shooting, CNN media reporter Brian Stelter attacked Republicans for being "scared" to come on CNN and debate gun control. Chris Cuomo specifically called out Ted Cruz for not rising to the challenge. Ted Cruz had done a 15 minute interview earlier that day, and they aired none of it, because he made them look stupid. (Which isn't hard).

So we have an example of CNN tarting up their slides (Click-bait), being obviously biased, getting fundamental facts wrong, not doing quality work or having competent fact checkers with a basic clue about guns. So this little example sums up CNN on Guns for the last 38 years: you get dumber watching them.

Brett Kavanaugh -
The left has a rich history of politicizing and undermining the autonomy of the Supreme Court. Democrats put litmus tests on their sides appointments, and accuse the other side of doing the same -- but the truth is the right does not have to: their side fight for Constitutional originalism which limits federal power, while the left fights for activists who will invent laws from the bench (thus they need to know what those laws might be). This started with Samuel Chase and impeachment from the court in 1803 over judicial overreach and bad behavior. But in modern times the left invented slow rolling the other sides appointments, or outright blocking them on specious grounds. Then they invented the concept of "Borking" which is inventing lame excuses to slander justices to get them to withdraw, and undermine what is clearly a Presidential power. Ted Kennedy had actually tried it on Bill Rehnquist, immediately before Bork, but it had failed -- but the success of Bork'ing Bork, got them to repeated the effort with Douglas Ginsburg (successfully), and Clearance Thomas (unsuccessfully), and they still harass Thomas as a sexual deviant or Uncle Tom to this day. The latest was over Brett Kavanaugh. The far left had pre-printed posters to hate on whichever of the dozen Justices that Trump picked -- not for actual flaws in their character, or over bad rulings/behavior, but because they don't like constitutionalists on the court, and they were trying to get the Republicans back over their anger at not getting Merick Garland. They even leaked press releases with "{Insert Justice's Name Here}" in place of the actual justices name by accident. This wasn't about who was picked, it was that the far left (and their media) wasn't getting to stack the Supreme Court with anti-Constitutional radicals and so they found a far left activist to invent an unprovable claim of sexual harassment (back in the 10th grade: 36 years ago), and turned the process into a #metoo witch hunt.

Mario Cuomo -
A far left New York Governor, that alienates anyone with a triple digit IQ. After Antifa made their slogan, "America was never great!" (in mocking response to Trump's "Make America Great Again", borrowing from Reagan), Cuomo used the same slogan in a couple of speeches, to boo's and hisses amongst the Americans in the audience. (Some of the Democrats cheered). This whole shift left, from fanatic to radical, was likely a response to being primary'ed by Cynthia Nixon (Socialist). He saw what happened to Rep. Crowley, so wanted to defend his far left fanaticism in areas like NYC and the Bronx, but he alienated the rest of the state (and most of the nation). Remember, the problem isn't that it was a gaffe (all politicians make gaffe's), the problem is always when liberals let their sincere contempt for the country leak out.


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