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There are real civil rights, and faux civil rights. The idea of increasing opportunity or freedoms for all, is real civil rights. The idea of helping some groups over others in the name of Social Justice (or other excuses) or renaming Social Programs (like Healthcare, Housing, Foodstamps, and so on) a "Civil Right" is not a real civil right. You can't have a right to other people's time or property, that would enslave them and real civil rights don't take anything from anyone else.

Examples of Fake Civil Rights (Civil Wrongs!)

  • Quotas like in College Admissions, where you punish Whites/Asians to get more blacks/latino's in.
  • Imagined "Voter Suppression" laws that are really just an excuse to prevent VoterID and protecting against Voter Fraud: those just reduce accountability in elections, or dilute the votes with illegal aliens, duplicate voting, or the dead always seem to support Democrats in Democrat controlled areas.
  • Gun control in order to "protect us" -- that isn't a civil right. A civil right doesn't take away someone else's freedom. (Like the freedom to defend themselves)
  • Censorship / anti-1A laws to protect us from "fascists" or "Russians". You don't have a "right" not to be duped. In fact, they have a right to try to dupe you. And Government is a lousy arbiter over what should be censored or not.
  • Healthcare, Food, Free Education, or housing are NOT a civil right. We might put up social safety nets, and we might CHOOSE to provide them. And as long as those are voluntary, they're great. When they're done by force (taxes/laws), then they're encroaching on one groups liberty to provide for another. That's NOT what a civil right means.


The left loves distorting words/terms to fit their political agendas. So they make words do gymnastics and contortions that make no sense. Like taking away our liberty (civil right), to protect us, or stealing our money, in order to provide for someone else. Or conscription (the draft) which enslaves us, for the purposes of furthering their foreign political agendas. Those are all faux civil rights. Or civil wrongs, because they just ain't right!