Cops hired Handymen to arrest them

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Tampa Florida (Hillsborough County) residents can sleep safer knowing that cops arrested 118 people for providing Handyman services without proper licenses. None of them were charged for failing to provide the work they were required to, screwing up the work, defrauding folks by lying and saying that they were licensed. In fact, many had licenses, some were just expired. Without government who would protect you from all the people trying to fix things for you, for a fair price?

🗒️ NOTE:
There was one case where Steven Velletri was a licensed sex offender based on a crime/allegation from 1998. When he was 32 he was accused of either either having sex with someone who was too drunk or too young to consent. Oh, and he had some pot on him. So the worst they could find was someone with a 22 year old allegation.


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