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Critical Race Theory is part of broader Marxist/Fascist Critical Theory -- the philosophy that we need government to rule us to create utopia. Different branches of it argue over what is the correct excuse to bring on the same central authority (tyranny), but they have the same ends. So whether they are using racial injustice, gender, sexual identity, class, culture, or other beliefs -- all roads lead to the same ends. And they all use the same excuse to get there. Tear down the systems and history and perception of what is and was good... so that you can sell people on a fiction of a better tomorrow, if you just give the Marxists control over all our lives. Critical race theory just one implementation of that, that says the proper excuse for destroying us as a culture is racial inequality.


To understand Critical Race Theory, you need to understand the history of Marxism and Critical Theory, which is where it came from.

Marxism is founded on class envy: the idea that the imbalance of incomes will cause the workers to rise up, seize all property (the means of production), and redistribute wealth based on his more equitable views of Socialist Utopia (with politicians and thinkers like him in the ruling class, instead of right industrialists).

While it could happen in low-educated non-developed agrarian countries like Russia becoming the USSR, Marx' ideology failed in more liberal societies of Europe and America. People were living better lives on the bottom of those societies than in the middle tier of socialized countries, and they knew that through education, hard work, and perseverance, they (or their kids) could overcome their social station and rise up the class structure. (Called the American Dream). This was proven by how much new wealth and new wealthy there were -- not to mention very high class mobility.

So 60 years after the failures of Das Kapital (1867), the Socialists (Marxists) realized that the Class Struggle and the idea of violent revolution wasn't working as an impetus to cause the fall of western countries -- they needed a new capital to appeal to the unwashed masses. They noticed that part of the reasons for the failure of Socialisms appeal was that people were proud of their countries (cultures) and their race -- and they weren't willing to risk what they had for theoretical utopia. So the National Syndicalists branch of Socialism was formed (this later became the Nations Socialists Workers Party / Fascists). The idea being that they would use nationalism and racism as the replacement for the class struggle. Instead of hating/envying the rich/management, they could be taught to hate the foreigners outside and inside the country (the Jews, Gypsies, French, Russians and mentally deficient wastes of food). Also, to mitigate the fear of revolution, they would replace revolutionary socialism (Marxism), with evolution socialism (fascism). They still got the same authoritarian ends, and a society divided not based on merit, income -- but one divided based on being part of the political class or not -- and they got to have selective liberties and redistribution of wealth -- they just did it by using the industrialists as the proxies for the government. If they could tax, legislate and regulate the industries into compliance of government will, it didn't matter if the ownership wasn't technically the governments, because the power and control was still run by the central planners. And that was Fascism.

Well, after WWII, that turned out to be as big a disaster as Marxism. Marxists/Socialists needed to distance themselves from the first two attempts, and needed to rework it in ways that would be more appealing to the American and Europe that was emerging.

They went back to the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory that had lead to the rise of the Fascists, and tweaked the beliefs, just a little. The underlying philosophy was "to liberate human beings from the circumstances that enslave them"... and in their minds, the things holding them back from achieving their higher purpose of being good cogs in the socialist machine was their social structures, ideology and culture were holding them back. Of course it is a fallacy that they were enslaved in an economically free society, or that enslaving them in a socialist one (by robbing them of wealth, or any thoughts that were sanctioned by the state) was somehow liberating. But socialists don't really think about what they're really advocating, just how to rationalize any means to their ends (tyranny and control, in the name of "equity"). To rebuild a society as socialist utopia, you need to first tear down the institution, ideology and culture (and history) that exists. That means finding flaws in everything that wasn't socialist. You can to convince the gullible that (a) utopia can be achieved (b) that things are worse than they are (and always have been) (c) that things are so bad you must risk what it, to achieve what might be. (Without ever considering the motives of the puppet-masters, or the likely consequences of the policies that will lead to utopia, or acknowledging what has really happened everywhere it was tried).

Thus critical theory splintered into many specific special interest critical theories (meant to undermine the culture and history): race, gender, imperialism (war) and environment. Each of these, was a tool to spread marxism: that the system was broken as proven by their alternate history/reality, and thus had to be remade to progress.

  • Critical Race Theory - Instead of saying that National and Racial superiority would be the impetus of change, they inverted it -- to national, racial and cultural crimes of the past was why we had to change everything. It failed in the 50's and 60's, because society was implementing civil rights through non-violent means.
  • Critical Gender Theory - Marxists tried to do the same with sexism and Women's liberation movement and tear apart society based on gender inequality. But while they were able to radicalize a few feminists, or the least critical thinking -- most of society went along with empowering women and making sure they had equal opportunities. At least enough progress was being made that there wasn't going to be violence over it.
  • Critical Imperialism (War) Theory - while it usually isn't called that, is the marxist teachings that America (and the west) is flawed because in the era of "rule by conquest", it was more successful than the East or Native American. Again, they tried this during the vietnam war (and the useful idiots peaceniks), but while they disrupted things for a while, Nixon got us out of Kennedy/Johnson's war, and a lot of the momentum there stopped.
  • Critical Environmental Theory - is not what it is usually called. Watermelon Environmentalism is the more common term: but same idea. Using some faux excuse for humanity is failing in the environment and future of humanity, so we need to hand over the laws/regulations/control to Marxists to save us.

And so on.


All of this the same thing: Marxists want to divide us by race, class, gender, ideology and culture, in order to give the Marxists the power they need to "fix" us. But any power that's enough to fix us, is also enough to enslave us.They want to tear down our beliefs in our institutions and history, by rewriting them or only stressing the negatives. Since they infected the schools and media, they are able to make strong impact on the least educated (or most mis-educated), and that fuels the followers. But it's hard to keep enlightenment from a society that can read what they want or express themselves: and demonstrate all the ways that the marxists are lying. Which is why they're trying to oppress that too. (PC / Woke Culture).

Wait, you're saying the culture that's been one of the least oppressive towards women in recorded history is institutionally sexist? You're arguing that the only society that fought a civil war to free another group/race that wasn't the majority, and then marched for their civil rights is the most racist? You're arguing that a country that has maybe a dozen suspicious shootings by cops per year (and as many against latino's and twice as many against whites) is somehow systemically racist? As long as we can point out the ridiculous incongruities of leftist thought, Marxism will flow amongst the ignorant, and ebb when exposed to the light of truth and real history/present.

The fact that they change what excuse they're using: class, race, gender, sexual preferences, ideological beliefs like defending the weak from the marxists or other bullies, and so on -- that doesn't change their means and agendas. They want to tear down the nation, by convincing the gullible that things are so bad, they need violent overthrow to get what they want. E.g. why the Marxists are behind BLM and Antifa -- why they suppose Hamas and not Israel. Why they support aborting the weak, and not defending the innocent. Why they want to free the strong criminals -- and prevent the homemaker or grandma from having a gun to defend herself from the felons. The more injustice they can create in society, the more they think that will convince others to empower them with the tools to create justice. Which is really just an excuse for them to demand progressive marxist hegemony.


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