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Democratic National Committee - It's not just one Democrat that says stupid things about gun control, it seems to be the majority who either say stupid things when the party tells them to bark, or at best, they don't resist their side when they say stupid things. So until the party at least has some conflicts and disagreements when their most vocal members saying the most stupid things, then the whole party does deserve to be judged by their leadership and their most popular voices. While republicans are allowed to disagree with each other, and there's few 100% consensus issues, the Democrats seem to tow-the-line and have anti-gun morons and liars, and the silent. Little diversity of though on this or most issues.

The Party Leadership has supported virtually every bad idea on Gun Control, and their leadership is always trying to one-up each other on the dumbest laws/causes when it comes to guns. At some point you have to realize that while there are many reasonable Democrat voters when it comes to 2A, guns, or gun control -- the party has left them behind -- because being irrationally against boom-sticks gets them more funds than being reasonable or moderate on those issues.

  • Gun Controllers - this is a list of folks that are rabidly ignorant gun controllers, and look at their party affiliations. Not all Democrats are gun control idiots, but most gun control idiots are Democrats and give the rest a bad name.


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