Democrat Shooters

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Short intro

Guns don't kill people: Democrats kill people

If gun controllers are choosing not to "get it", I'll start messing with them, and play fallacy for fallacy.

I point out: "guns don't kill people, democrats kill people", just do the math ≈80%+ of murders (and crime) is by democrats -- thus whites/Asians with guns, aren't the problem, blacks/latinos/democrat voters with guns are. So, "we don't need gun control, we need Democrat control", since the rest of don't have a gun problem (white republicans have 1/4th the murder/violent crime rates than the Democrat average does).

Suddenly, their inner statistician comes out. They point out (accurately), that:

  • correlation isn't causality, so we haven't proved cause.
  • they suddenly want to talk about how you can't assume that everyone in a dataset is responsible for the aberration (e.g. most democrats aren't the problem, it's a small subset that's dragging the average up), they cry, "Averages, don't tell the whole story"

...and I reply, "ya don't say?"

They conveniently forget all those things when broad-brush blaming all gun-owners (or all of America), for the crimes/murders of a few illegal gun owners (and gang-bangers) in a few democrat controlled cities. But you narrow it down to a smaller more responsible subset (those who vote democrat), and they suddenly remember statistics 101 and recognize all the problems of the very fallacious arguments they've been using against our gun liberties all along. They just only selectively recognize those problems depending on if they are being applied to their side, on the other side. Proving they're not dumb, just dishonest.

. (80% of murders are Democrats).

List of democrat shooters:

  • Gabby Gifford Shooter
  • Bernie-loving Scalise shooter
  • Bernie-loving stabber in Portland
  • 10 fully automatic rifles
  • Rachel Maddow-loving Vegas shooter last night