Democrats don't believe women

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What do these Women have in common? They accused Democrats of misconduct, and so Democrats and their media did not believe them. It turns out "Believe all Women", really only means don't believe women who accuse Democrats, even if they have more evidence than those who accuse any one else.

  • 2 successful black women accuse Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D) of rape. Re-elected after the allegations were made public.
  • 2 successful black women accuse former Rep., DNC Vice Chair, and Farrakhan supporter Keith Ellison of sexual assault. Re-elected after the allegations were made public.
  • Angela Chavez accused Tony Cárdenas of sexual assault while she was passed out. Re-elected after the allegations were made public.
  • Marsheri Everson accused Bobby Scott of committing sexual misconduct against her, and covering another one. Re-elected after the allegations were made public.
  • Sen. Bob Menendez was accused of sex with underaged prostitutes. Re-elected after the allegations were made public.
  • Ted Kennedy was a known philander and sexual deviant that in a drunken stupor killed Mary Jo Kopechne, despite her body found in his car at the bottom a estuary, he was re-elected 7 more times.
  • 9 credible women accuse Gropey Joe Biden of various forms of sexual abuse and harrassment, including former Biden staffer Tara Reade. Democrat nominee for 2020 President.
  • 20 credible women accuse Bill Clinton of crimes from sexual assault to rape. Elected as President.


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There's a subcategory of Fake Hate, and Fake Crimes that's Fake Rape. The left likes to spread lies (myths) and then use as an excuse for more government or oppression of the white male patriarchy. Like their fantastical claims that we have a "rape culture", that sexual assault is everywhere (especially on campus) with exaggerated claims, and that Women never use their sexuality to get ahead, have regrets and/or lie about being sexually assaulted or raped. While facts show that fake sexual accusations happens between 2-10% of the time (from multiple studies), which is actually about 5x more common than other crimes that are faked. The reason is pretty obvious, it's an easy crime to claim, and a hard crime to disprove, and it garners more attention and sympathy. You get what you incentivize, and this has great pity rewards. This is magnified in high profile cases.