Denmark and Socialism

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PragerU's Otto Brons-Petersen vivisects the leftist delusion that Denmark is socialist with facts like:

  • (a) Denmark is ranked one of the free'est market economies in the world with less taxes/regulations on business than the U.S.
  • (b) they have strongest protections of individual property rights in the world (the opposite of Socialism)
  • (c) no minimum wage laws
  • (d) They aren't wealthy because they're Socialist (or have wealth redistribution): they became wealthy, then became a welfare state (not the other way around),
  • (e) then their rate of growth flattened because of the burdens of the welfare state: their policies slowed the rise in wealth of their people. Without it, they'd likely be doing better.
  • (f) and there was backlash from the debt and inefficient government spending, and they started privatizing things like their Social Security, Healthcare, and even education.

So while Denmark does have absurdly high burdens (taxes), and they blow it on social spending, they don't control the means of production, or they would have collapsed long ago. Because of those policies, they live much smaller, and have much weaker purchasing power than the average American. And even those systems they did socialize a bit, are only succeeding, because there's private variants that are better, to offload the failing public variants. Otherwise, they'd be the Venezuela of Europe.


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