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Often called the Founder of Earth Day/Week, Dennis Hayes also created Bullitt Foundation dedicated to ensuring the Pacific Northwest is the most “progressive” region in the nation.

Nelson’s teach-in (propaganda) efforts were aided by a young man named Denis Hayes. Hayes was student body president while at Stanford, and well known for organizing anti-Vietnam war protests. Hayes heard about Senator Nelson’s teach-in concept and eventually helped Nelson institute the practice nationwide, and was praised and awarded for helping to stage a huge protest over something that no one disagreed.

A sampling of his eco-activities includes:

  • New York Times ran an article on Hayes after the first Earth Day titled, "Angry Coordinator of Earth Day: Denis Allen Hayes"
  • Hayes bragged that he fled overseas because “I had to get away from America.”
  • Hayes made sure his organization did not even produce Earth Day bumper stickers because “they go on automobiles.”
  • In it he whined about how man was causing Global Cooling
  • Later in response to blocking logging, Hayes boasted, “We have raised sixteen million dollars in just a few weeks to preserve 25,000 acres of forest and not one of the donors will ever go there.” (They bought rights to logging, to obstruct logging). The results? Seven years later this forest burned to the ground (causing far more pollution and CO2 than logging), because there was no logging interest culling the trees, or paying to maintain the forrest. Big forestry harvests private forests instead.

I don't care what people are into. But this guy seems to have dedicated a fair part of his life to being a moron. He hated: cars, those evil vehicles that save lives and provide transportation. He hated his country and the people he worked with who weren't as radical as he was. He hated saving lives and preventing the spread of communism in South East Asia -- one wonders if he was happy while the Cambodian killing fields were happening. He was 100% sure that man was destroying the environment by putting out so much CO2 that was causing Global Cooling. And his solution for logging was more wasteful than the alternative.

So what did we learn?

Unless Hayes denounces a good part of his life's work, then he proved that many people do not learn: their purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others: don't be like him. Unless you want to win accolades from lunatic lefties for making things worse.

Earth Day
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In honor of an invented fake-Holiday (Earth Day/Week), my office celebrated voluntary meatless Monday. I'm not sure what one has to do with the other.... what I'm sure of is that celebrating a Holiday invented by watermelon's (green on the outside, red on the inside), loons and kooks, to celebrate peace and balance by taking away people's choices (to get meat), is something so hypocritical, and so the new normal in California.

While I don't really care what causes people support (even stupid ones), I do like people to be informed the on the stupid causes they support, and who is behind them. Detractors of Earth Day claiming it's an green wrapping around Marxist agendas, while the proponents claim, "No. It's all moderate folks just trying to protect our planet and peace". When you research the history of Earth Day, it becomes obvious which side is informed, and which isn't. more...


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Written 2018.04.17