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When people attack me for things I can't help, like male, white, knowing more than they do ("mansplaining"), I like to point out that means they're transphobic bigots, because:

❝ I’m a pre-op double transsexual lesbian trapped in a mans body, and don’t you dare reduce my truth down to your bigoted heteronormative cis-gendered archetype. ❞

They are often flummoxed. They can't refute my truth -- as their grievance studies taught them that feelings is more important that reality. If they argue, they're a bigot. And my truth trumps their minority status in the wokeness hierarchy of victimhood. So they either deny my truth and prove they're a bigot, or they accept my truth and prove that they were wrong in making a bigoted assumption about me based on heteronormative cis-gendered archetypes, or they admit that the whole wokeness hierarchy is a bullshit trap meant to tie the other side in knots and reduce communication (win arguments). Either way, point made.

🗒️ NOTE:
A double transsexual would mean that you're a man that wishes you were man, and a lesbian trapped in a man's body means that you like women. Of course to the rational, that's called a normy (normal). But if I don't identify as a normal, that's just as valid as not identifying as cis-gendered. They can't refute my queer status, without refuting all queer status as nothing but the feelings/psychoses of the person. And since there's very few people that are pre-op double transsexual lesbians trapped in a mans body, that put's me really high in the victimhood hierarchy. By their rules, I win.


This is a list of various articles on LGBTQ issues. That's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer for those not in the know. They also added IA (Intersex and Asexual) and a few other letters to the acronym salad, but it's really getting moronically inclusive when they start adding necrophilia, bestiality, pedophelia/pederasts, "and Fred" to the end, as s/he needs her own category. Even Queer seems unneeded, and I should probably just use the older LGBT -- if you can't get the point with that, then you're just virtue signaling by memorizing alphabet pi to the 27th place.