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Dr. Seuss (aka Theo Geisel), was rejected for his first kids book... 27 times in a row. 28 was the magic number, and he went on to become one of the most famous kids book authors ever. The point is that tenacity wins -- and many publishers, movie producers and record labels lack imagination and insight. Yes, they occasionally pick winners, but they reject many more -- and we have little evidence that their success rates are greater than that of monkeys throwing darts.

Dr. Seuss is racist
The media/left was titillated when an elementary school librarian rejected Melania Trump's gift of several Dr. Suess books with a condescending letter claiming it was, "racist propaganda". The same hypocrites forgot that President and Michelle Obama read these books to children... on multiple occasions. Jesse Jackson did the same. The librarian had no authority to reject the donations, and was told by the school district to stop political grandstanding. The rejection was national news, these corrections weren't newsworthy... and that tells you all that you need to know about the media's credibility.



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