Elliot Rodger

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22-year-old killed six people and injured fourteen others near the campus of University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), before killing himself inside his vehicle. Primary motive (according to his video release and manifesto)? He killed women for isolating him and not sleeping w/him. Men over envy at their sexual activity.

2014.05.23 - UCSB / Isla Vista

Elliot Rodger (22)
Dead/Injured: 7/15
Weapon: Car, Knife, Pistol
ðŸšŦ Gun Free Zone
🕊ïļ Gun Control State
ðŸĪŠðŸ’Š drugs & anti-depressants
ðŸŽŪ Video Games

History of seeing therapists and on anti-psychotics, had warning the night before with an upload of a video saying what he would do and why, Police were called, he also posted a manifesto. He killed women for isolating him and not sleeping w/him. Shot himself when cops got there.
  • Politics: Democrat.png History of watching left wing youtube channel (young turks), with Hollywood, CA liberal parents
  • UK/Malasian immigrant.
❌ Gun Control can't help: legally bought, used in gun-free zone

❌ Assault Weapon ban can't help: he used knife, pistol, car
❌ No proposed Gun Control would have helped
❔ Maybe: Media Suppression
✅ Pay attention to warning signs
✅ Improved mental health policies


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