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Musk is hit or miss. He's sort of like a Steve Jobs. When he's right, he's gloriously right... when he's wrong, he's gloriously wrong. But he pushes boundaries, and the world needs a few boundary pushers. A world of followers, isn't much of a world. So even when I grouse, the world is better for some loudmouths willing to challenge the status quo: Carpe DonktumElon Musk: VisionaryMusk on COVIDTesla


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Carpe Donktum.jpg
Carpe Donktum - A twitterer (Carpe Donktum) summed up the state of Twitters leftist outrage mob by imagining Trump tweeting the picture of a horse, and how various outlets would respond:
  • MAGA: This is the most beautiful Horse that was ever created
  • LIBS: You Should Be in Jail, the Horse Deserves Better
  • CNN BREAKING NEWS: President Trump tweeted a horse that was probably thinking bad thoughts, our panel discusses after the break.
  • MSNBC: President Trump tweeted a picture of an Arabian horse, clearly a dog whistle to his Islamophobic base
  • Feminist Twitter: Why does the horse have to be a male? This is just another example of Trumps war on women.
  • Huffington Post: How Stallions are hurting transhorses
  • The Daily Beast: Trump's "Horse Picture" linked to Antisemitism, here is the horses address and social security number.
  • The New York Times: SOURCE says the Horse is the power behind the throne, Trump sits in his office watching gorilla channel all day.

Elon Musk: Visionary -

Imagine in an alternate universe that Elon Musk was a visionary, and wanted to change the world to use electric cars, how would he have gone about it?

I can tell you, that reality looks nothing like the Tesla as it exists today. (These are a collection of ideas I had, from the first time that Elon claimed he wanted to change the industry (circa 2003), but it became obvious that he really didn't mean it).

Musk on COVID - Elon Musk is rarely silent -- and COVID and the Shutdown are no exceptions.
  • Ventilators - Musk promised ventilators to help with COVID, and Californias cuckolding Gov. Newsom claimed that Hospitals had never received them. So Musk gave a list of some hospitals that he'd given them to -- and low and behold, they had received them (just like NYC had). Sorta. Musk gave them CPAP and biPAP Machines -- which help people breathe and are probably a better tool for COVID, so I give him credit. But they are cheaper that full respirators, and not technically what most people mean when they say "Respirators".
  • Shelter-in-Place - the Press hyped that Musk went on an expletive laced rant by saying that Shelter-in-place was unconstitutional and an overreaction (fascism). I tend to agree that the data shows that it was an overreaction, and the Press is definitely trying to make Musk look worse than he was. Not everyone has to agree with the collective.
  • The Federal Government, other States, and California all opened up for Auto-Manufacturing (from the COVID shutdown)... but Alameda County Health Office wouldn't let Tesla open up despite lower break-out than the other places that were allowed to open. Musk threatened to move his HQ to a free State like Texas or Nevada. A California politicians tweeted back "Fuck Musk". So Elon said, "message received" and opened up the Tesla auto-plant anyways, and told the county to arrest him. This caused snowflakes to melt down because he valued the Constitution and his business and workers more than the bureaucrats did.

Tesla -
Tesla was claimed to started by Elon Musk to bring electric cars into the mainstream again, but he did it by trying to make the company into an Apple-esque, proprietary, direct dealer model, with their own proprietary infrastructure.

The biggest problem wasn't that Tesla couldn't be a successful boutique builder, it was whether they could mainstream the car once the rest of the industry started paying attention.


My annoyances around Musk are usually that he over-promises and under delivers. And I know he has to know better... but what he finally delivers is still often better than what other people even tried. So getting mad at him for his "style", is like being outraged at Donald Trump for being a bombast. At some point you just accept them, or the problem isn't with them, it's with you pretending to not know what they're like.



This section is not comprehensive analysis of all the complexities of a persons life, but more the points most often brushed over (the counter-balances to the myth-making/propaganda). So these are not meant to be read in isolation, but as complimentary aspects on people (or issues about them) that are on the road that's less travelled.


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