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Gunrwalking scandal with a side of perjury and obstruction. This was where BATF under Eric Holder was selling guns to Mexican drug cartels, failing to track them, and some Americans (including Brian Terry) were shot with said guns. The likely reason for doing this, was to encourage the narrative the administration had invented that Mexico's gun problems were because of the U.S., and the solution was more fascism (gun control in the U.S.). In truth it showed the corruption of the Obama Administration, as well as the incompetence in failing to track them. Republicans wanted an investigation, but "the most transparent administration ever" obstructed justice and gave Holder "executive privilege" to prevent the transparency he'd promised. They also lied and said this was a follow on to a much smaller 2007 effort during the Bush administration (called Wide Receiver): which had been done without President or Cabinet involvement, and had been shut down with the recommendation to never try anything this stupid again (which the Obama administration had ignored).


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A list of issues, articles and scandals that pertain to Barack Obama. Again, the point isn't to be fair here: it's to be honest. I don't care how people vote, or who they support. I do care about correcting revisionist history. This isn't meant as a balanced piece to show what good he's accomplished as a politicians or person (there was some, though it is a much shorter list), if you want fawning puff pieces, read/watch the water carriers in the left-wing media.
Obama Scandals
Obama and the media tried to portray the Obama Administration as scandal free. Seriously. This isn't meant as a balanced piece to show what good he's accomplished as a politicians or person (though I suspect that would be a much, much shorter article), if you want fawning puff pieces, read the NYT, HuffPo, watch CNN or MSNBC. This is meant to counter-balance to the claim that his administration was scandal free. The full list of scandals for the Community Organizer in Chief sits over 800, I'm just listing a dozen or two of the lowlights: Benghazi, Gunwalker, his past, domestic spying, bribes for sailors, Solyndra, abuse at the IRS, VA scandals, this President made the Bush or Reagan administrations seem squeaky clean.
Russiagate is where:
  • Emailgate - Hillary Clinton broke the law by keeping classified emails on her servers, then deleting the evidence and lying about it.
  • James Comey broke the law by botching her "investigation" and then letting her off.
  • The Clinton Campaigns emails were allegedly hacked, so the Clinton Campaign blamed the hack on Russians colluding with Trump
  • They paid the Russians for disinformation (fake evidence) called the Steele Dossier which alleged all sort of ties to the Russians -- but this was immediately and thoroughly debunked.
  • The Deep State (CIA, FBI, etc), colluded with the Obama campaign to Frame Russia and Trump campaign, spied on the Trump campaign and shared it with Obama or the Press
  • the FBI, Intelligence agencies, Adam Schiff (House Intel Committee) knew all along that (a) there was no Russian Collusion (b) there was illegal spying on the Trump campaign -- but they lied to the leftist Press about all of this so that they could undermine the election and the President.
  • When Trump legally fired Comey for incompetence, Comey illegally leaked classified notes, in order to Press for the need for a special council to investigate Russia (despite knowing that the whole premise was false) to distract from the FBI's illegal spying on Trump -- in order to start the Mueller investigation
  • The Mueller investigation was to find any evidence of Russian Collusion, despite the FBI knowing that Trump campaign had not colluded with Russia and there had never been any evidence to that. So Mueller started investigating and railroading Trump allies/associates based on Fake Charges, illegally obtained evidence (through illegal spying), or investigating them for things they did years before the campaign having nothing to do with Russa -- in order to distract from the FBI and DNC's dirty tricks.

The whole thing was a fraud perpetuated on the American people, by the FBI, DNC, Hillary and Obama campaigns, and their allies in the media, all to try #resist and #undermine a duly elected President. They hoped the Gish Gallop of disinformation on the front page -- with later back page retractions and apologies, would flim-flam their audience (low-information voters), into thinking there was cumulative circumstantial evidence. But the only hard evidence of malfeasance and crimes was against the Democrats and their media behaving badly.