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There's good feminism, and there's bad feminism. Good feminism is feminism that exists to empower women (I support it). Bad feminism looks to tear-down men, attack cultural norms, and remake society into a matriarchy, under the idea that the Jr. High School mean-girls clique can run society with peace, love, and harmony, in ways that rapey-males never can.

I want my female friends and family to live in a harassment-free environment, be treated respectfully, and have every opportunity that men have... within reason. But the fainting couch Feminists will divide us for political gain and ignore that America is one of the best countries in the world for Women and Women's opportunities, and is looking to take offense at everything, no matter how small the slight. They don't want equality, they want inequality in Women's favor to make up for past wrongs. So they see sexism everywhere -- and the only solution is to give them more money and power to oppress anyone that doesn't agree with them. That, I have a problem with.


  • Men have been portrayed by the Feminist movement that we are the source of all evil in the Universe.
  • Gloria Steinham claimed that 150,000 young females die each year of anorexia: the death toll was only around 54 in 1991. So while body image is a valid concern -- there's no line where irresponsible exaggerations become "noble lies", at least not to those how put honesty above agenda.
  • there is 660% more public funding for breast cancer than prostate cancer even though men are almost as likely to die from the latter - that's politics over outcome
  • Complaints about man-spreading.
  • Inventing bullshit hate-terms like there's a War on Women...then hypocritically ignoring when the far left behaves worse.
  • Spreading the lie about the Gender Wage Gap, and the fraud that women making $.77 for every dollar that a man makes.
  • Getting people fired for daring to say offensive things like Men and Women are different, and thus it's not surprising they're attracted to different roles and performances within companies like Google.
  • A guy cracks a joke in an elevator about lingerie, and they file formal complaints to criminalize humor that they see is sexist (which is everything)[1]
  • Anyone who criticizes a feminist for any reason gets labelled a sexist.

The list of grievances goes on and on. It's refreshing to see that some feminists can criticize the failings of their own groups or fight for equality without trying to make all men the villains. But sadly, that's an exception. It's not the anti-feminists that are trying to silence feminism. It's that after hearing them attack stupid stuff, in dishonest ways, and trying to crawl to the top in victim culture, there's a natural backlash. And the NewFeminists are trying to tell anyone that disagrees to shut-up. Which is a hint to where the problem is.


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Written 2018.05.07