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Forcing Factors: (1) Solar (2) Orbit / Milankovitch cycle (3) Volcanism (4) Meteors (5) Plate Tectonics (6) Ocean Variability (7) Radiative forcing (8) Flora and Fauna

Forcing Factors

What impacts the climate? Almost everything. The Earth's climate is constantly changing due to the following factors.


  • ☀️Solar output
  • 🌎variations in the Earths Orbit (Milankovitch cycles)
  • 🌋Volcanism
  • 🌠Meteorological events
  • 🍽️Plate Tectonics
  • 🌊Ocean Variability
  • 🙍‍♂️Radiative forcing (the Greenhouse Effect is a small part of radiative forcing)
  • 🙍‍♂️Flora and Fauna

Man (🙍‍♂️) only contributes a minuscule amount to the weakest two — and CO2 (⚛️) not only has a diminishing feedback effect, but there's great debate over counter-balancing effects of raising CO2, like: carbon sequestration, cloud albedo, and CO2 increases flora and fauna which increases CO2 scrubbing.

Ask yourself, if the earth wasn't a self-balancing system, then why didn't we cook-off in the last 4.5B years back when we had 10x or 20x the CO2 we have today?

Climate Forcing Factor Slides

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