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The left played upon a scare tactic that Fracking cause your water to become flammable and polluted and other myths like that. To quote a geologist, "It defies the laws of physics for fracks to propagate vertically back up through miles of rock and enter the water table". E.g. those that claim is is a source of ground water pollution, don't understand physics or geology. Minor earthquakes are possible, but this is relieving pressure that could have caused much bigger earthquakes -- so is a net win.

The point is if you have to lie for your cause, then you must not have a very good cause. E.g. the majority of claims of water contamination have been discredited -- I don't know of the exact number, but I've seen literally dozens of claims, I've never seen one confirmed. I'm sure there's got to be one, just seems highly implausible.

HBO did a couple of documentaries (Garland and Gasland II) on the FakeScience of fracking hurting things to scare the gullible lefties who watched:


This article is about the Environment and Environmental issues.... and since I'm a but of a skeptic and counter-culture person, many (most) of the articles are going to have a spin about things that people think they are doing that's good, but isn't, or things that pretend to help but actually harm the environment, or the frauds that foist this bullshit on their base. more...


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And a linked article in the first one, gets into the fraud of contamination: