Friendlier than a Golden Retriever

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You can't make this shit up, but Newsweek published an article from their writer (Tae Phoenix) that said she's more scared of Golden Retrievers than Antifa. Sure, because she's likely to put on a mask and beat old men with bats like they do?

A magazine that fell from mediocrity into the annals of incompetent partisanism. Once semi-reputable Newsweek started making supermarket tabloids embarrassed with articles like the following...



Antifascism is just fascism by another name. They incite or commit violence, and the left tolerated and supported it for years. They say they hate Trump because he's a fascist, but they love Antifa which are Anti-Capitalists who dress in black (like Fascists), to fight Fascists by emulating fascist tactics, commit acts of violence, disruption, vandalism, and beat up anyone they don't agree with.... just like fascists. Nope, that doesn't sound like the other far-left movement called Fascism... other than it is exactly like Fascism. For the exact same excuse: you need them to protect you from people like them. Just another group of violent leftists. more...


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