Gender is a choice

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Gender is not a choice.

While calling people by their preferred pronoun gives respect to a person with a psychological malady (Gender Dysphoria), we can't really change our sex. We can butcher our genitals to look like the other, and take hormones, and have intercourse with the whomever we want -- but we can't change our chromosomes, bone/muscle density, some physiology (height and even brain structure). While I choose to play along, and love the individual (no matter their malady), demanding that I (or others) deny reality is hate and intolerance. Demanding that we pretend men and women don't have physiological difference at the pro-athlete level is anti-science and out of touch with reality.

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Gender Dysphoria -
There's a quote, "never be so open-minded that your brains fall out". And the continuation that was, “the real aim of education, is to acquire a philosophy of life, intellectual honesty, and a constant search for truth.” That's the difference between recognizing the malady of Gender Dysphoria and treating trans folks with respect, and demanding that the entire world play along with their delusion.


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