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George Gascon is a Cuban American (more Communist than American) an inept Chief of Police in Mesa Arizona who resigned because he was about to be fired, so was appointed by Gavin Newsom to be a worse District Attorney in San Francisco and was forced to leave under a cloud of racial allegations and 49% increase in property crime (with equivalent reductions in prosecutions). With that in mind, he ran and won as DA of Los Angeles where he took his far left ideas that involve unilaterally reducing punishment, enforcement and freeing as many criminals as possible.


Some of his ideas that he supports include:

  • Ending monetary bail
  • Retroactively deciding that all marijuana related drug crimes back to 1975 should be ignored, no matter how heinous or justified. And that no drug crime should be a felony (and <40% of misdemeanors should be prosecuted).
  • Supported end juvenile hall, and said his office would "Never charge juveniles as adults" no matter how warranted.
  • Inventing a "Young Adult" court where 18-24 year old felons would be treated more like minors (and punished less).
  • Supported Prop 47 which classified more crimes as misdemeanors (which his office was loath to prosecute) -- and it turned California's crime trend from declining to increasing as a result of passage.
  • Spent the population tax dollars on "weekend re-booking" -- hiring attorneys to let more criminals go over the weekend, so they wouldn't have to wait until Monday.
  • "Reevaluated" any sentence for which the prisoner had already served 20 years, and was helping to find excuses to free them.
  • Prohibited any of his district attorneys from attending any parole hearings, encouraging them to be released no matter how unworthy they were

There are other lowlights like where he calls the mother of a murder victim uneducated for wanting justice, and he said he wouldn't ever call for special circumstances or enhancements, no matter how warranted. He since backed off that a little in words, but not in deed. Or his first meeting after being sworn in was with Black Lives Matter.

Multiple victims families have come forward as Gascon has dropped special circumstances or enhancements (or let life without parole charges drop), for viciously kidnapped, tortured, and murdered L.A. kids.


Just what you want in a District Attorney: someone who values the liberty of criminals more than justice for the victims, or the law.


📚 References

Los Angeles
L.A. is a poorly run city, and it's controlled by the far left. The reasonable infer that correlation might have some causation. The idiots in the PRC (People's Republic of California) and L.A., can not. Time to put a wall around it, and write it off from being part of America.
Criminal Injustice
What some fail to understand is that you don't punish criminals to reform them, since recidivism is so high we know that doesn't work. You do it for two reasons (1) to protect the public from them (2) to protect society (and the criminals) from the public. #2 is the biggie. Pretend you're not a left wing ideologue who can instead do basic cause and effect. What happens when you don't punish criminals enough and the public loses trust in the justice system? More will take justice into their own hands either directly or indirectly: paying crime (organized or individual) to give street justice to the victims. There are limits to how lenient justice can be, before the system breaks down, and those limits aren't defined by the most "compassionate" (towards the criminals, and cruel towards the victims), they are defined by the society at large. You know justice system is failing when crime is trending up: both because criminals are getting more embolden, less afraid of getting caught or the punishments -- and because more people are supporting the criminals over the justice system (because they don't trust the latter enough to come forward, or they're committing or sponsoring retaliatory crimes themselves). Now with that in mind look at crime trends (especially violent crime) in areas controlled by the left and tell me which way you see it going. If you're reasonable, you understand why. If you're not, you'll ignore it and continue to vote Democrat.