Gun Control doesn't stop mass murders

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How do we know that Gun Control doesn't help mass murder? Because the biggest mass murders have been in places with strict gun control, far stricter than in the U.S. and would never work here. And in fact, virtually all of the mass shootings in the U.S. were either done by government forces, or in gun-free zones because shooters are smart enough to pick places where people can't shoot back.

🗒️ NOTE:
Watch the word-smithing. If the Press/Left is saying "Mass Shooting" instead of "Massacre" or "Mass Murder" it's because they're trying to dodge events, under the fraud that someone would rather be blown up, beheaded, or burned to death, rather than being shot to death. And the latter is somehow worse. It isn't.

Worst mass murders

There's a lot of cherry picking when the media, wikipedia, or others try to differentiate between a single mass shooter, or terrorist attacks -- but why? Would you rather be blown to bits by a team of extremists or shot to death by one? It's a distinction without a difference. Places that outlaw guns also tend to oppress their people (minorities) in ways that can lead to backlash/terrorism, so trading one for the other is a net loss. Certainly in the U.S. outlawing and oppressing gun owners would lead to more radicalism (as Tim McVeigh proved). Thus while the media will report that every shooting is the worst massacre in the U.S., and imply that this is unique to the U.S., it helps to remember the horrible events that happened in places with strict gun control and consider our alternative:

  • 2019.04.21 Sri Lanka Easter Attack - 🇱🇰 Colombo, Sri Lanka: After ignoring warnings, 8 blasts hit 3 churches and Hotels in an Islamic Terror attack on Christians during Easter mass. Much of the media couldn't bring themselves to say Islamic Extremism or Christian victims. Clinton and Obama colluded to shit-tweet a new term, "Easter Worshipers", in order to avoid saying "Christians". Add to this their mealy mouthed condemnation of an organized terrorist attack against Christians, which lies in sharp contrast to their harsh broad brushing of all whites/right wingers for the acts of a lone crazy liberal in New Zealand, just a couple weeks earlier.
  • 2019.03.14 Christchurch Shooting - 🇳🇿Christchurch, New Zealand: a left wing eco-nationalist (who hates Capitalism, Conservatism, and is Chinese Communist sympathizer) shot-up a couple mosques because immigrants were over-populating the planet and causing Global Warming. Because the shooter said he didn't like Donald Trump's politics or leadership, the media said he was a right wing Trump supporter. He had illegally modified guns, used guns instead of more effective bombs because he said that would turn the left into his tools in dividing nations like the U.S. over gun-control, and he was stopped/slowed at the second mosque because a good guy was able to get a gun and scare him off. (It was one the shooter had dropped). So the media does his bidding, calls for division and gun control, and ignores the role that a good-guy with a gun had in reducing the carnage. NZ threatens to punish anyone that makes the info about his true motives available.
    Dead/Injured: 50/100
  • 2018.04.23 Toronto van attack - 🇨🇦 Toronto, Canada: Ex military man (for a few weeks) and Software developer (Alek Minassian) drove a rented van through the North York City Centre business district, deliberately targeting pedestrians, killing 10 and injuring (some critically)16 more. He tried to provoke an officer into killing him (commit suicide-by-cop), but this was Canada, so they were polite about arresting him instead. His reasoning was he was Incel (involuntary celibate) and envious of men for getting sex when he couldn't, and mad a Women for not putting out. Not one of the biggest attacks, but scaled for population, that would be equivalent to 100 people dead in the U.S.
    Dead/Injured: 10/16
  • 2016.07.14 Nice truck attack - 🇫🇷 Nice, France: not to be confused with the 2015 stabbings or 2003 bombing, in 2016 Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel (Tunisian immigrant), drove a truck through Bastille Day crowds on Promenade des Anglais. ISIS/ISIL took credit for the Islamic Terrorist Attack ☪️.
    Dead/Injured: 86/458
  • 2015.11.13 November Paris Attacks - 🇫🇷 Paris, France: a series of shootings, bombings was done in the name of ISIS/ISIL ☪️, including the Bataclan theatre shooting (that killed 90). 3 groups of men committed 6 attacks (including 4 suicide bombings). Despite gun-control and illegal bombs, they had assault weapons and bombs, who knew terrorists would disobey gun control laws? Despite Turkish, Iraqi, and Israeli intelligences all warning of an imminent attack on France months beforehand, they were ignored by the French authorities.
    Dead/Injured: 130/413
  • 2015.01.07 Charlie Hebdo - 🇫🇷 Paris, France: two brothers, armed with illegal rifles, forced their way into the offices of Charlie Hebdo (Satire paper), and started shooting people in retaliation for the paper having a cartoon of Muhammad on their cover. Al-Qaeda's Yemen branch too credit for the Attack ☪️. There were related attacks, Hypercacher kosher supermarket attack, they killed 4 Jews and held 19 hostages.
    Dead/Injured: 12/11
  • 2011.07.22 Anders Breivik - 🇳🇴 Utøya, Norway: after planning for 9 years, writing a 1,500 page manifesto, an anti-immigrant nationalist set-off bombs in Oslo, and then took a ferry to an island (Utøya) and sniped at kids for 1 hour and 12 minutes before the police arrived and he surrendered without resistance. One of the deadliest single shooter killings in the world, in one of the strictest gun control and most surveilled countries in the world. When seconds count, the cops are just 1 hour and 12 minutes away.
    Dead/Injured: 77/319
  • 2009.03.11 Winnenden (School) - 🇩🇪 Winnenden, Germany: 17-year-old (Tim Kretschmer) took his parents legally owned pistol, and went back to his high school, and started a shooting spree. When the cops arrived, he fled 25 miles to a neighboring town and shot some more people before he committed suicide. The Germans prosecuted the father, since the gun hadn't been secured in a safe.
    Dead/Injured: 16/9
  • 2008.11.26 Mumbai attacks - 🇮🇳 Mumbai, India: in strict gun-controlled India, a group of 10 Pakistani terrorists committed 12 shootings and bombings over 4 days, killing over 175 people, while the Police had missed warnings, it took 10 hours to get commando's to the scene, and they showed up late to every event (like the keystone cops). This after they had decades to plan and train from the prior attacks.
    Dead/Injured: 175/300+
  • 2006.07.11 Mumbai Train Bombings - 🇮🇳 Mumbai, India: in strict gun-controlled India, 7 pressure-cooker bombs went off over 11 minutes and killed 209 people (700+ injured). There was also an unrelated grenade attack that killed 8 in Srinagar on the same day, but those are a semi-regular occurrence.
    Dead/Injured: 209/714
  • 2004.09.01 Beslan Massacre - 🇷🇺 Beslan, Russia: Despite having some of the strictest gun controls in the world, in a police state, Chechen islamic separatists ☪️ took over a school with automatic weapons, and took 1,100 hostages, kept them in the auditorium rigged with explosives. Russian security forces stormed the building with tanks, incendiary rockets and other heavy weapons -- and 334 civilians (186 kids) were killed, as were the 34 hostage takers. The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) criticized Russia for lack of security in advance, and excessive lethal force during the event.
    Dead/Injured: 368/783
  • 2002.04.26 Erfurt (School) - 🇩🇪 Efurt, Germany: A 19-year-old expelled student (Robert Steinhäuser) shot and killed 16 people and then himself using shotguns and a pistol. The lack of an assault rifle didn't reduce the death count.
    Dead/Injured: 17/1
  • 1995.06.14 Budyonnovsk hospital crisis - 🇷🇺 Budyonnovsk, Russia: Despite having some of the strictest gun controls in the world, in a police state, Chechen islamic separatists ☪️ came inland over 70 miles, killing over 191 people, and took up to 2,500 hostages in a hospital with automatic weapons, to force Russia into peace talks.
    Dead/Injured: 191/541
  • 1993.03.12 Bombay bombings - 🇮🇳 Mumbai (Bombay), India: in strict gun-controlled India, 12 bombs were set off, killing 257 people, done by a local mob boss (of D-company) in retaliation for riots that had killed 900 muslims (and injured 2,000), 5 years earlier. Initial reports had higher numbers, but that was due to bombings in Calcutta (that killed 60 and injured hundreds more), but was later found to be unrelated.
    Dead/Injured: 257/713
  • 1972.09.05 Munich Olympics - 🇩🇪 Munich, Germany: the Palestinian terrorist group Black September took eleven Israeli Olympic team members hostage (with illegal assault weapons) and demanded that 234 Palestinian terrorists be freed in Israel. They killed the hostages along with a West German police officer during a failed rescue attempt. 5 of the 8 terrorists were killed, 3 were captured and released in a hostage exchange, only to be hunted and killed by the IDF later.
    Dead/Injured: 17/0

  • South Korea: 1982 Woo Bum-kon kills 57, wounds 35, despite very strict gun (and grenade) control.
  • China: if strict gun control can't work in a communist police state, then what chance does it have of working in the U.S.? Yang Qingpei stabbed 19 people to death in 2016. There were 35 dead 140 injured in the 2014 Kunming attack. And at least a dozen spree killers murdering an average of 10 people, between 2000-2016. 2002 had 24 dead and 13 injured in the Beijing Cyber Cafe Arson. 2001 Jin Ruchao killed 109, injured 38 using bombs. 1998 had 23 dead in the "Long wins round robbery", following 32 dead in the 1994 Qiandao Lake robbery. That's what we know of: China suppresses most reports of events like this. And that's before counting the 2,000,000 dead in the immediate aftermath of Mao'speople's paradise, then 18-55 million dead in the Great Leap Forward, and another 1.5 million dead (36 million persecuted) in the Cultural Revolution.
  • North Korea:
  • Japan
  • Australia
Worst massacres in the U.S.

While the Press will report that every shooting is the worst massacre in the U.S., and imply that gun nuts are crazy to fear their government/neighbors from ever doing anything bad, they tend to omit all of the following:

  • 2001.09.11 Twin Towers - Bill Clinton all but ignored Osama Bin Laden, despite multiple bombing attacks including the NYC/World Trade Center garage and the USS Cole bombing. Democrats hate to admit that an oppressed minority group can be as vicious (or more so) than white males, so denial of the problem. After multiple warnings that the CIA and other intelligence agencies missed or ignored, 19 hijackers hijacked 4 planes with box cutters, and flew them into various soft targets (such as the NYC/World Trade Center), killing 2996 people, as Tom Clancy and others had warned about.
    Dead/Injured: 2996/6000
  • 1997.03.20 Heaven's Gate - University Music Professor Marshall Applewhite founded a mystical cult around extraterrestrials, and the idea that aliens on the Hale-Bopp comet would provide them new bodies if they freed their spirits (killed themselves) for the ride. They did a darwinian service of culling the mentally weak from the herd in San Diego, and showed that you don't need guns to kill a lot of people.
    Dead/Injured: 39
  • 1995.04.19 Oklahoma City Bombing - In retaliation for the quasi-legal Waco/Ruby Ridge massacres by Government (86 dead), Tim McVeigh (with help from Terry Nichols, his army roommate) filled a Ryder rental truck with 13 x 55 gallon barrels full of racing fuel (nitromethane) and fertilizer (Ammonium Nitrate), drove it to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, and detonated it. Not to excuse the radicals, but they saw this as fighting back for the Constitution, after the Government had crapped on it in Waco and Ruby Ridge.
    Dead/Injured: ≈168/680
  • 1993.04.19 Waco Siege - A bunch of paranoid religious separatists were attacked under orders of Janet Reno (Clinton Administration). Instead of a simple warrant, or request to come into town, the ATF attempted to raid the ranch/compound and seize their weapons, which started a shootout and siege. Then after 51 days, the FBI tried to tear gas the Davidian's out, and instead burned the compound down killing 76 people. This angered anti-government types, and got the Oklahoma City Bombing as a result.
    Dead/Injured: ≈ 86/16 (many were women and children).
  • 1992.08.21 Ruby Ridge - Ruby Ridge would not qualify as one of the largest or worst massacres by itself, but it was Act-1 in a 3 part play. Government (FBI/ATF) agents entrapped Randy Weaver and tried to extort him into infiltrating and becoming an informant for them. When he refused, they were abusive and went after him for refusal to appear. After a confrontation (on his land), a shootout (killing his son), and causing a siege, they botched hostage negotiations when snipers killed his wife (while they were running for cover and not firing back: which violates the constitution). Then the Democrats tried to cover it up. An investigation found the FBI was wrong, criminal charges issues, and they settled a civil lawsuit for $3.1M over their misbehavior (like hiding evidence of their malfeasance). This and the later Waco seige abuses of power were the two contributing factors that agitated McVeigh into the Oklahoma City Bombing (168 dead). That's not to excuse McVeigh's behavior in any way (he deserved the lethal injection he got), but when you break the law and abuse the lash, you shouldn't be shocked when there's backlash.
    Dead/Injured: 3/2
  • 1978.11.18 Jonestown - Jim Jones was a Democrat cult leader, highly influential and respect in Democrat circles, especially in California. A social justice warrior (racial integrationist) creating a leftist socialist utopia, and won every leftist award, was revered/honored and woo'ed by VP Walter Mondale, George Moscone, First Lady Rosalynn Carter, Willie Brown, Jerry Brown, Harvey Milk, Diane Feinstein, and so on. When his criminal deeds started coming out, he fled to a compound in Jonestown, Guyana. And in failing health, and with the authorities closing in, he convinced/forced his followers to drink cyanide laced kool-aid (Flavo-Aid), which is where comments come about "don't drink the Kool aid". Technically, this was outside of the USA, but they were all American democrat ex-pat compound.
    Dead/Injured: 918 (304 children).
  • 1927.05.18 Bath School disaster - Long before assault rifles, Andrew Kehoe was angry over losing an election, under financial distress of losing his farm partly because of high taxes, so he decided to seek revenge on the town by blowing up the school and killing all the kids. Not all of his bombs went off, and "only" 38 students were killed. 500lbs. of explosives were found in the basement, undetonated
    Dead/Injured: ≈45/58 (mostly children).
  • 1921.05.29 Tulsa Race Riots - After a bunch of race riots in northern cities (Chicago, etc.), a 19 yo black shoeshiner attacked a 17 yo white girl (elevator operator). Armed black men (some WWI veterans) rushed to the police station, to prevent a possible lynching, and confronted a white crowd. Shots were fired, and 10 whites were killed (2 blacks). With the help of the city government, mob violence exploded, and whites vandalized (burned) a black neighborhood, under the sniper fire of the black residents.
    Dead/Injured: ≈200/800
  • 1920.09.16 Wall Street Bombing - The deadliest terror attack up to that date, was when a horse-drawn wagon with 100 lbs of dynamite and cast iron weights was detonated in front of J.P. Morgan bank on Wall Street. It was likely done by anti-Capitalists (leftist Galleanists or other militant socialists active at the time).
    Dead/Injured: 38/400
  • 1890.12.29 Wounded Knee - The U.S. Government decided to disarm the Lakota without compensating them for the cost of the weapons. When some resisted, government forces started firing into Indians, some of which fought back with whatever they had.
    Dead/Injured: ≈325/51 (many were women and children).
  • 1857.09.07 Mountain Meadows Massacre - After 17 Mormon's had been killed in the Haun's Mill massacre (1838), and conflict in Nauvoo, Illinois (where Joseph Smith was killed by a mob), they had eventually fled and settled in Salt Lake City, Utah. Where James Buchanan (D) sent one-third of the U.S. army to make sure they weren't "rebelling". The Mormon's were suspicious of outsiders, and during this time, some of them attacked and exterminated all the people in a Wagon train (the Baker–Fancher party). There's a lot of fuzziness on whether it was sanctioned by Mormon leadership, and whether it was retaliation for poisoning of cattle and people.
    Dead/Injured: ≈130

2014 FBI study on mass shooters

To get the basics, we should memorize the FBI Study on Mass Shooters and what it showed:

  • 160 events in 13 years, under 1 a month (11.4/year)
  • 6 were Women, all but 2 were sole shooters, and 5 of the mass shooters still remain at large
  • 67% ended before police arrived
  • 40% ended in suicide
  • average (mean) = 3 dead + 3 wounded | median = 2 dead + 2 wounded
  • 70% ended in under 5 minutes / 35% in under 2 minutes.

Now there was a spike after Obama got elected. Many believe the reason is because the Democrats, President and the media (all of the same political leanings) started sensationalizing these events as much as possible, as an excuse to get gun control. Whether that was the cause or just a contributor, these thing come in waves, and those waves tend to increase under Democrats. But these events are still extremely rare.

A bad year of mass murder is still much better than a good month in Chicago (when it comes to death count), and Chicago (478 deaths), is safer in per capita murder rates than quite a few other Democrat controlled cities like St. Louis (188 deaths), Baltimore (344 deaths), Detroit (295), New Orleans (164), Oakland (85). (All 2015 numbers).

Among risks, victim of mass murder is barely a blip. Kids are:

  • 7 times more likely to be hit by lightning than shot in a mass shooting
  • 10 times as likely to die of the Flu
  • 430 times more likely to die in drunk driving

So if the left cared about the lives of kids, they'd focus based on relative risk, instead of what gets them political gains (or contributions). So we know where their priorities are.