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Guns in schools aren't a problem. For 200 years, it wasn't uncommon for kids to carry guns to school, for in school or after school shooting clubs/programs. Including High School ROTC, or kids would often have have rifles in their pickup windows that they drove to school. School shootings were virtually non-existent. It wasn't until liberals took over education that things got violent.

Up until the mid 1980's many High Schools around the nation had shooting leagues, some even having ranges, and allowing students to bring guns to home room (and drop them off for the day), or leaving them in cars. Yet, School shootings were unheard of. The rational ask, "What changed" and why. For pointing this out, many ignored the real history of links/facts, and attacked me for bringing up such an absurd idea, without addressing any of the points or questions.

Northern Democrats

Basically, as part of Democrats forced integration and JFK getting shot in the 1960's, they started pushing for Gun control. This was because they didn't want uppity blacks to have access to boom sticks (it was racially motivated by the left, as usual). Also remember why Northern Democrats were pushing so hard to force Integration on the South. It wasn't out of "civil rights" or compassion for the Blacks (the Northern left was as racist as the Southern left). They were concerned because blacks were fleeing up to Northern Cities (like Chicago) and causing white flight -- so the Northern "Liberals" felt that by forcing integration on the south, they could contain the problem, slow the outflow and keep the blacks out of their neighborhoods. The party that created the KKK in the south, also created programs of exclusion and containment in the North. While there were certainly a few noble liberals, they were NOT the majority. Their belief in that fiction is evidence of their ignorance of History and inability to do any introspection with regards to their party.


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