Hillary Clinton: Allies & Appointments (1993-)

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You'd think that Alinsky, Cattlegate, Whitewater, Travelgate might be red-flags that Hillary has a lousy record for picking allies. But Bill was giving Hillary make-work when he became President (to give the impression that the First Lady mattered or keeping her busy while he hit on interns), thus the task of finding allies and appointments fell to her. How did she do?

  • Her first female attorney general pick: Zoe Baird, was a disaster with Nannygate (hiring illegal immigrants) and failed to pay taxes.
  • Her second try was another Democrat bundler: Kimba Wood, who also got implicated with Nannygate as well (but at least she paid taxes).
  • Her third pick was Janet Reno, who Bill described as “my worst mistake." Reno was a caustic, overreaching AG that made the decision to do armed raids on enemies of the left, and gas David Koresh and the Branch Davidian religious sect in Waco, Texas Siege resulting in dozens of deaths of women and children. Then the Ruby Ridge fiasco, shooting unarmed Women, Children and dogs, lead to retaliation by fanatic Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City Bombing.
  • For head of the Civil Rights Commission she chose "Quota Queen" Lani Guinier, so radical that her name had to be withdrawn in disgrace.
  • For Justice Department she chose former law partners Web Hubbell; who got indicted for conspiracy, tax evasion and mail fraud.
  • For White House Counsel she chose Vince Foster, during the onslaught of scandals and pressure from the WhiteHouse, he committed suicide. Then White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum barred investigators from entering Foster’s office, while her most trusted staff (Maggie Williams, the First Lady’s chief of staff, and Patsy Thomasson) removed armloads of files and loose-leaf binders from his office; hampering a federal investigation
  • Finally William Kennedy was picked for the Treasury Department... but his Rose Law Firm Partners Vince Foster and Web Hubbell's careers (and lives) ended so poorly, that he turned tail and fled back to Little Rock.
  • This isn't counting her family, or later friends like Huma and her husband Anthony Wiener, and literally hundreds of people caught in felonies and other scandals.

Basically, if Hillary considers you, you should run, swim or fly to get as far away as you can: odds are, you're going to prison.

🗒️ NOTE:
The point is not that Hillary is behind all the scandals, corruption and death. Just that Democrats who want to play six degrees of Kevin Bacon with anyone in Trump's org and "Russians", but misses how many more criminal and incompetent ties among their preferred Presidential candidate. Just pick one standard and let's live by that. Not one for Democrats (they're not responsible for their repeated bad judgement in friends, allies and appointments), and a different standard for those with (R)'s after their name. If your appointments in first entering your cabinet define who you are for Trump, then that says a fuckton worse about Hillary, who's had mess and scandal follow her and her allies around for 50 years.

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