Hillary Clinton: Go-Awaygate

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Hillary Clinton fires back at critics: No one told a man who lost an election to shut up. Of course that shows that she's clueless, abrasive, ignorant of history, and context is that everyone else was not as venomous and divisive a loser (or winner) as she has been. No one has cared about her genitalia in a long time -- but her perpetual victimhood is annoying as fuck and evidence of her attempts to gaslight anyone who disagrees with her.


The reason no one told a man who lost an election to shut-up was because no male candidate was this whiney, bitchy, pouty, and sore a loser.

Since that sounded a little sexist, I went back and double-checked my memory, just to make sure... and yup. As far as I can tell, no loser in my lifetime (or the generation or two before that) quietly bowed out so ungraciously loud and repeatedy, or made 1/10th as many excuses for their loss, as Hillary. (Let alone paying to invent the whole Russia thing that has yet to find any collusion, after being such a corrupt and ineffective candidate). She makes John McEnroe look like a good sportsman.

  • Romney, and asshat (er McCain), shut up pretty quickly. And people tell McCain to shut up, all the time. (And he's a semi-acting Senator).
  • Kerry had the media bitch more than he did (and that was mostly about being Truthboated).
  • Gore was also whiney, and after a while (meaning a couple months), people told him to shut up -- and after his happy-ending massage fiasco's, decided to be a perv in recluse.
  • Dole was forgotten before election weekend was over.
  • Bush the Elder was a gracious loser.
  • Dukakis and Mondale were land-slided, and mostly stayed silent.
  • Carter was initially wisely quiet, and later embarrassingly injected himself into issues (like repeatedly showing what a racist failure he was in understanding the middle east). And while some people begged him to shut-up, it wasn't about the election or what a great Candidate he was, it was about his act as the 3rd worst diplomat in history (behind Kerry and Clinton).
  • McGovern, Humphrey, Nixon, all shut up after their defeats. As did Stevenson and Dewey. Nixon has one little huff about "You won't have me to kick around any more".... but that was for Governor. Hillary's still doing her kvetching 18 months after her glorious defeat.

So if you're not sure where this mysterious double-standard is, it's not in how the public reacted, but in how the candidate reacted. Even the least gracious and most ass-hatted candidates of the past, knew when to shut-up quicker than Hillary, who has set the new low bar of whiney witches.


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