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This is an article about just a few of the times that Hillary has good greedy. I'm sure there's a few dozen more examples (if not more) that I, or the public will never know about.


Let's consider the magnanimity of the Clinton's, and the debate over whether they've ever done anything that might appear "Greedy" or self-interested. They went into public office and are leaving their lifetime of dedication to the little man, with hundreds of millions of dollars:

Hillary Clinton: Cattlegate: Futures Trading Miracle (1978) -
Without any experience, as a first time Cattle Futures trader (and wife of Governor), she gets a 9,987% return on investment in a few months, after, according to her, "reading the Wall Street Journal" (a paper that doesn't talk about Cattle Futures). With results like that, she decides to never trade stocks/commodities again. Suspicious? So we're to believe that under the guidance of a few "friends" (her account being run by a lawyer for state poultry interests, through a disreputable broker) she turns $6,300 investment into $100K (a nice even number) in a few months, with shoddy and lost records, questionable trades, not enough money in her account to cover some of the $1.5M positions she bought/sold in the same day (anyone else would have had margin calls), and other eyebrow raising anomalies. Then her two partners in this (Bone and Refco) were suspended and fined respectively for improper records keeping. But nothing to see here, move along -- we're not supposed to question her integrity, or think that this might have been a payoff?

Hillary Clinton: Chinagate (1996) -
The Clinton-Gore campaign in 1996 allegedly took bribes from Chinese banks and their government (to help their dwindling poll numbers). The Chinese embassy siphon funds into the DNC with the help of Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown (died in a plane crash), and at Hillary’s instruction, reportedly sold seats on department trade missions to China. The Democrats and DOJ "willfully impeded" the investigation according to the FBI Director and other agents who later testified before Congress.

In the end, since the Clintons were never fully prosecuted or excoriated by the Press/Public, this idea of selling foreign favors for money, was scaled up, converted into a charity and became the Clinton Foundation,.

Hillary Clinton: Clinton Foundation -
There was so much sliminess around the Clinton Foundation, conflicts of interest, and campaign contribution improprieties, and "pay to play", it's many scandals in one. They say you can judge a person by the company they keep, well what does this say about the Clinton's? The idea is that they created a "philanthropic" organization, in their name. In practice, they created a special interest that can benefit them and their campaign directly, and skirt campaign rules. She parked her top staff over there when she's not running (to keep them employed and preparing), then when she's campaigning again, she has a whole staff and organization ready to go. Most of her staff is getting wrapped up in scandals, while the organization is misplacing millions, paying for a lavish lifestyle, and foreign entities are getting deals passed right after they contribute massive amount to the Clinton Foundation. And people can donate to Hillary indirectly, in ways that they can't to her campaign. But no conflict of interest there. Instead her followers are ranting about Trump's tax returns.

Hillary Clinton: Giftgate (2001) -
Former Clinton adviser Dick Morris not only has said he'd leave the country, if she was elected President (that's how much the people that know her, respect her), but he alleged in a New York Post article that the former first lady failed to report many dresses, and purses and jewelry that she (or Chelsea) was gifted while First Lady. Clinton aides defended her by claiming some of the gifts were before innaugeration (so don't technically count, even if it's still ethically questionable). After shining the light on the issues, others were either declared or given to the national archives, there's no evidence she would have done that otherwise.

Hillary Clinton: Lincolngate (1996) -
Then there was the the Lincoln Bedroom in the Whitehouse was being rented to high donors/contributors like it was AirBNB. While technically not illegal, it was certainly unsavory and showed a pattern in lack of decorum and tact that no other administration had had the gall to do before. It certainly showed that there was no monument, historical property, or government building owned by the American people that the Clinton administration wouldn't rent for their own personal advancement.

Hillary Clinton: Lootergate (2001) -
After leaving the White House, Hillary was forced to return an estimated $190,000 in White House furniture, china, and artwork that she had taken. Again, there's a lot of "weeds" as to whether gifts were given to them personally or the Whitehouse, how big personal gifts are allowed to be, but the end result is always that nothing like this ever happened to any President before, even the classless ones. And the Clintons water carriers in the media fake "Fact Checked" this and tried to exonerate the Clintons by word parsing or misleading the public on what happened.

Hillary Clinton: Lootergate (2012) -
After leaving the state Department FBI documents claim Clinton took furniture from State Dept. To quote: “Early in Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, she and her staff were observed removing lamps and furniture from the State Department which were transported to her residence in Washington, D.C.”. The State Department claims those were her items, but why was she moving things out (instead of in) early in her tenure? And there doesn't appear to have ever been an investigation. Also remember the State Dept. has a sketchy history on prosecuting anyone in their department for major crimes, let alone furniture theft, going back to McCarthy era and the creation of the agency. It's not their money, so why do they care? This this one isn't as meaty as Lootergate 2001. If it was a Republican I'm sure there would have been a lot more noise, but since Hillary has a (D) after her name, it does't appear anyone wanted to know (or investigated).

Hillary Clinton: Travelgate (1993) -
Clinton friend Harry Thompson (and his TRM charter company) had wanted to do some charter business with the WhiteHouse Travel office, but was rebuffed (they were a relatively new company, and their only client the year before had been the Clinton Campaign).
  • Hillary got involved, spread some lies about the travel office, she pressured the FBI to investigate them, and 7 people were fired (and smeared in the Press) because of it.
  • The investigations into the fired staff resulted in one employee (Billy Dale) being charged with mixing personal and White House funds, and a jury acquitted him of any crime (in less than two hours). So he got audited by the IRS (completely coincidentally, I'm sure). Nothing came of that either.
  • Then with the help of Bill Clinton's 25 year old cousin (Catherine Cornelius), Clinton cronies WWT (World Wide Travel) took over the business, and Harry Thompson's TRM got a $500K no-bid contract.

At least this one caused a media field day, on the abuse of FBI, investigation, firing, cronies and so on. WWT was so embarrassed they stepped down (and let American Express take over the business). And it lead to NYT writer, William Safire to describe Hillary Clinton as "a congenital liar". (When the NYT speaks truth about a Clinton, you know it's bad).