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How many illegal immigrants are there? It depends who you ask, and what they're trying to do (inflate or deflate the problem). The problem is that we know they're undercounted. The best estimate we have is the MIT study that conclude 22.1M is the mean as of 2016 (between 16.7M and 28M). The 11.3 used by the left to minimize the problem is based on some rather faulty assumptions about inflows and outflows. Highly conservative estimates is that they are costing taxpayers $130B more than they are bringing in.


📚 References

MIT Study that tries to do better math than the others:

Smaller (14.3M) projection by Federation for American Immigration Reform:

Pew Research uses the absurdly low estimate of 10.5M (2017) by using U.S. census data (only those that admit to the census that they're here illegally) and doesn't account for understating:

Center for Immigration studies also estimates 10.8M (2016) by using Census Reporting Data (without correcting under-reporting) and excluding any illegals from before 1982:

DHS estimated 12M (2015), also based on uncorrected Census Data: