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There are really two different histories of America -- the one that I know existed based on extensive reading and studying of history, and the one that some of my left of center friends know by repeating what they were taught in School/Universities, what they read in their version of the media, or what they really want to believe, despite all evidence to the contrary. Without someone having an accurate understanding of the past, they have a distorted view of the present, and no ability to understand what's coming in the future. Which explains how they can demand such ruinous things with the glee of a cult follower reaching for their glass of flavor aid. Thus our realities will only occasionally intersect, and when they do, it's usually not a great reaction.

Issue Lie Truth

Right=Equality of opportunity
Left=Equality of outcome

To listen to the left or SJW's, etc., you'd believe that Republicans love inequalities like slavery, the oppression of minorities and women, and they'd bring it back if they could. On all these issues the message is "fear the other side", they are out to oppress you: Fake Rape, Gender Dysphoria, Gender Wage Gap, Homophobia, Institutional Racism, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Social Justice Warriors, Transphobia, Virtue Signaling, VoterID and Voter Fraud, War on Women, and so on. Inequality of outcome is evidence of oppression and they use that inequality to foster hate and fear those who oppose their agenda. The reality is that both sides often agree that something should be done about some problems, they just disagree on what and how. The right wants blacks/minorities to have equal opportunities with whites, just not special advantages. The left wants equality of outcome, which is something that's impossible without publishing success and merit. Since the left loses rational arguments, they go for demonizing the other side to scare their base. Like we have to fight, "white privilege", and bury the lede that Asians and Indians outperform whites academically and economically (isn't that yellow and brown privilege?).


Of course there is inequality and injustice in the world, and even in our nation. But by and large, we're in the top handful of countries in the world as far as tolerance and diversity, in every dimension. But the progressive left is addicted "progress" (change), not balance, or knowing when to stop/slow/moderate. So no matter what progress is made, they have to ignore it, exaggerate the wrongs and the potential for government to fix society with a few laws and a little more intolerance towards that with which they disagree -- until they get to the point where their views are a caricature of reality, and a delusion. That only they are virtuous, and those who disagree in any degree, are not (and thus are enemies).

Issue Lie Truth
Rape Culture

Fake Rape.

We have a rape culture, with 1 in 5 women raped in college, then the system rapes the victim again! Women deserve to always be believed: they never lie, or have political agendas. Men deserve to have their lives ruined without evidence. Two drunk people having sex, means the man is guilty, since neither was sober enough to consent. One rape is too many, but the actual number of all sexual assaults in the general population (or rape in college) is about 0.14% (or 1/150th as large as claimed). About 2-10% of all rapes are later classified as false accusations (5x the norm for false crimes). The media loves to sensationalize these salacious stories, and colleges have a guilty-until-proven-innocent attitude, as evidenced Duke Lacrosse and other cases. And you get what you incentivize: and right now, Women are rewarded with intersectional victimhood status for making these claims (true or not).
Gender Dysphoria Sex/Gender is a choice or preference of each person. While calling people by their preferred pronoun gives respect to a person with a psychological malady (Gender Dysphoria), we can't really change our sex. We can butcher our genitals to look like the other, and take hormones, and have intercourse with the whomever we want -- but we can't change our chromosomes, bone/muscle density, some physiology (height and even brain structure).
Gender Wage Gap

The Wage-war on Women.

Women make only $0.77 for each $1.00 that men make, because of the misogynistic, women-hating, he-man-club, where sexist pigs run the matriarchy. When Women are fresh from school they earn as much or more than men, once you adjust for things like occupational choices, experience, employment gaps, hours worked, any pay-gap evaporates.

Disagreeing with any gay activist.

Everyone that opposed gay-marriage or any pro-gay agenda are homophobes that are worthy of ridicule and scorn, because everyone knows that marriage is a civil-right, this was just like anti-miscegenation laws, and Prop-8 in California was all because of Mormon’s running adds to inflame the other bigots. While I support gay marriage, most people I met or knew who opposed it, supported civil unions or deregulating marriage completely (with no history of problems with and often supportive of gays). Marriage just has special spiritual meaning and multi-thousand year tradition. Marriage is not a federal issue, and for those who know what the words mean, is certainly not a civil right: it's just a tax/legal status. And Prop 8 passed in California because of minorities supported it more than whites.
Institutional Racism

The system is against poor brown people.

Racism is everywhere just look at OJ Simpson, Rodney King, Henry Louis Gates, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Anton Sterling, Philando Castile Eric Garner, Sandra Bland and so on. Cops are murdering black people for no reason. The SPLC claims hate crimes are up. Atrocities happen to innocent minorities every day. We need the federal government to stop this! While the Democrats did create many racist programs in the past, and it is far from perfect today, it generally favors minorities (institutional racism against Whites and Asians). Anyone familiar with the stats/math knows the lie that blacks are gunned down disproportionate to crimes. Those victims are usually examples of dumb people winning stupid prizes. Whites, asians, arabs or latinos would have been gunned down in the same situation. And the reason they are newsworthy is because they're so rare. The reason bad examples make News, is because they can't find better examples. The SPLC is an example of leftists scaring the gullible for money.
Racism, Sexism, Homophobia

Bigots are everywhere!

Any cause the left disagrees with on race, gender, sexual preference, is because the other side is just racist/sexist/homophobic bigots. Bigotry ('isms) is judging entire groups superior/inferior, not personal attacks on individuals or disagreements on policies that might favor one group over the others.
Social Justice Warriors

Virtue: only one side has it.

We are in an age of unprecedented injustice: racism, sexism, transphobia, oppression are everywhere! As demonstrated by college rape culture, the war on women, rampant police abuse of minorities, poverty and various inequalities that we need the SJW’s to guide government to force us to be better. Without them, the minorities would be oppressed, and we'd collapse into a corporate racist slave state. While there is injustice, we are one of (if not the) freest, wealthiest, and least discriminatory countries in the world, with the most opportunities for people (even minorities that come from countries where they were the majority), and our government and laws are a reflection of that, not the cause of it. Government is the wrong tool to fix injustice (in most cases), but a great tool to create it. And the left is addicted to change, not balance, so they're often on the wrong side of issues (in degrees). Acknowledging any of those truths would end the far left as a movement, and replace them with mature moderates: so they must live in an alternate reality where the exception is the norm, and the norm is the exception -- and demand it of everyone else.

Disagreeing with any trans-activist.

With no trans-people ever causing a problem, North Carolina is such a bunch of rednecked-bigots, that they invented a law to ban trans-people from using the restroom, they need to be more tolerant towards LGBT culture... like San Francisco. Which still has hypocritical laws against bath houses and oral sex. Also, being male has no advantages in women's sports. After multiple abuses by creeps exploiting trans-friendly laws in other cities (and no cases of local abuse against Trans folks), Charlotte activists ignored warnings and passed a law saying creepy guys could use Women’s bathroom. The State overrode that dumb local ordinance by saying trans-people had to legally change their gender on their drivers-license/birth certificate before they got a free pass, and private companies could do what they wanted.
Virtue Signaling Minorities and the left have the moral high ground. The right isn't just uninformed, they're evil, racist, sexist, misogynist bullies that want to "Make America Great Again", by reversing all the wins of the left like Civil Rights, Feminism, gun-control, progressive taxes, education, and so on. Politics isn't just about different ways to make things better, it's about right and wrong, and the other side isn't right. Society wins when society is ready to make new laws or oppose old ones: not because of the laws themselves, but because of the will of the people to live up to them them. (And not before). Most of the "win's" of the left, were not clear wins, certainly not because of the left alone, and certainly not because they were pure. Virtue Signaling is about getting attention, virtue itself is about silent action.
VoterID and Voter Fraud

Protecting Democracy

The left wants to protect Democracy, and the right wants to undermine it. There's no problem with voter fraud. Since there are no convictions it must never happen. And demanding ID at a voting booth is just a way to oppress minorities and poor people who can't afford ID. Voter fraud swings elections. The left has gotten caught bussing people to other areas, ballot stuffing, encouraging illegal voting, discouraging legal voting, and the crux of the left's argument is that 3rd world countries like India can require ID to vote, but it's too big a hardship for Americans (who need ID for almost every basic service)?
War on Women

Birth Control.

The evil right wants to take away Women’s Birth-Control, right to choose (abortion), are sexist pigs who treat women poorly and want to keep them as oppressed sex objects. The majority of the right is fine with birth control (as long as people pay for their own), the USA's most restrictive abortion laws are more tolerant than most of Europe (or the world's), and the left has a rich history of worse behavior towards Women.


No one is going to deny there's inequality in the world. There's just different views on what to do about it. The left believe's it can be fixed if we surrender to a totalitarian state that we redistribute everything and make it more fair. The historically informed know that's never worked out before. Replacing a sloppy meritocracy (and being able to pass your wealth to your heirs) with a politocracy, where the politicians decide who gets what, never makes it better for the outsiders. Both are a plutocracy of sorts, just to climb the ladder on one requires effort and luck, and in the other it requires political connections and dedication to the herd agenda.

So what kind of world do you want your kids to live in? Where there's injustices against success, based on politics (the left's utopia). Or where there's injustice based on some people being smarter, stronger or just working harder? (the right's reality) For me? I'd rather live in the real world and latter one, than any utopia created autocratic lefties, because to date, none of those have ended well for individuals.


📚 References
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We can't communicate effectively if we don't agree on what words or terms mean. Cultural Marxists decided that since they uusally can't win through honesty, logic, history and facts, they could win by twisting/perverting meanings (especially in popular culture and colleges), to distort every discussion into a debate on pedantics, or use truthspeak as a litmus test for who is properly indoctrinated/compliant. This section isn't intended as a comprehensive dictionary, but just to stop that gaslighting, by defining what I (and often history/society means or should mean) when using a term. Not what the far left is trying to re-invent terms into.
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Are Democrats more Anti-American that Republicans? Yes. Does that mean they're less American? No. Look, you can't have dozens (or more) examples of being for undermining the nation or our interests (foreign or domestic), mocking patriotism (jingoism), degrading religion and traditions, the Constitution, the rule of law, our founders, the flag, the pledge, our music, not knowing or taking pride in our History, and values, and Holidays, and way of life, being for internationalism (diluting our independence), being against the capitalism (that made us great), make excuses for or supporting our enemies (or those that degrade us), hating even the term "American Exceptionalism" (without admitting what it is, or that it exists), and dividing us by intersectional victimhood status instead of being proud of our blending and common interest in the American Dream... and then after all that, claim you love the country.... well, I guess you can. But no one should take you seriously.

The left (progressives) don't love the country for what it is, or was, or even will be... they only love it for what they hope to change it into. They're the girlfriend that loves you and all -- but only as a potential project, to mold into something that they truly can be proud of. And since nothing can live up to their expectations, they really love your failure, which allows them to feel superior. But that's not loving America, that's more loving the ideal of the Progressive USSA.

Party of fear
Party of fear.jpg
The lefts two biggest tools are envy and fear. They use them often to manipulate their constituents. But they also use projection (projecting their flaws on the other side), to trying to deflect/distract from their side doing it. So they accuse Republicans of being the party of fear (a variation of racist), as if they're scared of all brown people or anyone wearing a Hijab (or in my families case, a rusari). The Republicans aren't flawless, but such claims when your side is worse, are insulting broad-brush bigotry (something they also criticize and do more), as well as hypocrisy. And I don't suffer hypocrisy quietly.