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UNIX Apps builds momentum, and momentum builds momentum.

  • 👍 UNIX comes with UNIX Apps and software: mostly clustered around a few markets, development, academia (higher education), research, network administrators, and some vertical markets in the high-end arenas (high end video productions, high end animation and 3D, and so on). But these are all people and markets that Apple wants. Both entire Apps, and many API's, libraries (parts of Apps), and network solutions.
  • 👍 UNIX is open. This openness makes it cheaper and easier to write for UNIX than competing solutions. While a lot of the free code is crap, a lot of commercial code is crap too (and usually far worse). At least in the open markets there is slightly less pressure to ship it yesterday; so often they will take more time and do some cleanup and restructuring now and again. And having lots of eyes on code just means that more programmers can fix things, and knowing that other are going to see your code keeps some programmers more diligent. It is hard to say what is worse or better, there are stellar examples of "how not to" in both. But if you're starting something new, having a head start, even a bad one, is often better than nothing.
  • 👍 UNIX is closed (minded). UNIX is cool, not because it is particularly good, but because there are a lot of UNIX developers that only know or will only consider UNIX. They bring Apps and give away code. They are porting their Apps to OS X. Some of their Apps are quite good. This openness also means standard tools and standard apps. I'm doing WebObjects, PHP, some perl and cgi scripts. None of this was done, or done as well, on Mac OS 9. So while technically possible before, most weren't expending the effort to do so, and it was unlikely to happen without UNIX. I know if I bet on UNIX, and these UNIX technologies (especially the open ones), that it will be here tomorrow, and forever. As long as I'm willing to pay the maintenance price.
🗒️ NOTE:
For those that Apple should have bought BeOS, and used them instead, this is something that Be wouldn't have brought to the party. BeOS had some advantages: but NeXT brought UNIX. There are serious tradeoffs with doing that, but I think it was the right move.


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