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James Robert Clapper is an Obama crony, serial liar, Russia conspiracy theorist, former Director of National Intelligence. So far, he was caught perjuring himself to congress by saying that "the NSA does not collect information on Americans"... then the NSA program that did that was exposed. He apologized for a mistake, then lied about that. He lied about releasing all the Osama Bin Laden documents. He lied about Obama administration spying on Trump, then when caught, he said it's OK because it's a good thing for Trump. He was involved in the suppression and tainting of intelligence information on ISIS's rise. He lied about the scale or intent of Russian involvement in the election. Then he wrote a book about Russian involvement in the election ($110M of $10B spent, and most of it for Sanders or spent after the election) was somehow what changed the election outcome (without any evidence to back any of it up). And he has been treated like the most honest celebrity the leftist media has ever met. Anyone or any program that doesn't question his credibility, or note past lies of his, is intentionally misleading their readers/viewers.


Obama crony, James Clapper told a series of famous lies and perjured himself to congress and the American people on many occasions. So with a history of being a far left appointee and liar, he's often seen on liberal television to promote his latest lie du jur.

  • 2018 - Clapper wrote a fictional book called, "Facts and Fears", claiming how the Russians swung the election, despite all math and common sense disagreeing with that. Of course the NYT and other liberal outlets have no problems honoring such a venerated liar, and giving him celebrity treatment despite obvious contradictions in everything he claims. $10B spent on the election, versus $11M by the Russians, with most of that spent in 2015 and supporting Bernie Sanders type causes -- and he concludes that the Russians wanted Trump to win (something no evidence points to), and that they had a material effect on the outcome of the election, and offers absolutely no evidence of anyone ever switching their vote based on something the Russians said. [1]. Former CIA director Michael Hayden came out an all but called Clapper an idiot for coming to the conclusion that we know how much an impact the Russians had, let alone that they definitively swayed the election. [2]
  • 2018 - It's a Good Thing™: First Clapper lied (multiple times) that the Obama administration had ever spied on the Trump campaign. (That was after lying that the Russians had a material effect on the election). Then Clapper said, it is a good thing when the opposition party spies on the competition (unless the party roles are reversed, of course, then the's a bad thing). [3] This of course diverged, as the far-left, being the ultimate arbiters of the language, tried to Lawyer/Clinton/wordsmith that surveilling someone without their knowledge, isn't spying, just because that's what the word actually means, since in this case, they were actually watching the Russians. [4] Of course you can write-off any institution as discredited that tries to take this tack as lying douchebags -- it's the pure definition of spying.
  • 2018 - Clapper lied about contact with the media and the Steele Dossier - Clapper initially told the House Intelligence Committee, that he had no contact with the media regarding the infamous Steele dossier during his time serving in the Obama administration. Clapper later admitted that he had discussed the dossier with CNN’s Jake Tapper after lawmakers confronted him about that specific disclosure, and “admitted that he might have spoken with other journalists about the same topic,” according to the report. But he maintained that the discussion did not constitute a leak because a number of media outlets, including CNN, were already in possession of the dossier when he spoke with Tapper. [5]
  • 2017 - When asked about Trump Wiretapping, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said there was "no surveillance", and as DNI he would have known about a court order on "something like this."[6] We know this is false, and that a spy, surveillance and wiretapping had happened. But later, Clapper claims it was all for Trump's protection and that's why it doesn't count. ("it wasn't spying on Trump, it was spying on the Russians by tapping people in the administration and their phones, and illegally unmasking them, etc").
  • 2017 - Hillary and the DNC created a fake dossier to undermine the Trump campaign. The Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign, and had used the fake/paid-for dossier as the basis of the FISA warrant, and excuse for the FBI to use informants to spy, and illegally unmask Trump administration folks. Clapper, as head of intelligence, had to be enmeshed in all of that. Not once, did he come forward and admit any abuses of power in any of this.
  • 2016 - he resigned at the end of Obama's term, so he couldn't be fired, and there'd be less interest in investigating his various lies and perjuries. But not before coming forward and claiming Russia had materially swayed the election after overwhelming evidence to the contrary (which he never mentioned).
  • 2015 - CENTCOM analyst allegations[7] - ISIL was gaining power, and it was alleged at the time by many that the Intelligence Agencies were being suppressed and having their reports modified to make things look better for the reigning Obama administration. The congressional report found widespread frustration amongst intelligence analysts that exactly this had been happening, and the report announced, "From the middle of 2014 to the middle of 2015, the United States Central Command’s most senior intelligence leaders manipulated the command’s intelligence products to downplay the threat from ISIS in Iraq." -- but the Inspector General (under Clapper) cleared the senior leadership of CENTCOM, concluding that "allegations of intelligence being intentionally altered, delayed or suppressed by top CENTCOM officials from mid-2014 to mid-2015 were largely unsubstantiated." As long as you ignored that the output didn't match the input, that the analysts felt it had been doctored, and all evidence that the public had been mislead. But other than that, there was no problem.
  • 2014 - Clapper signed a directive that barred employees of the intelligence community from providing "intelligence-related information" to reporters without prior authorization, even to provide unclassified information, making a violation of the directive a "security violation". This criminalizing of whistleblowing was the one thing the Obama Administration enthusiastically supported, and the press completely excused, while they would have had a fit if a Republican had done this. In fact, they misattributed Trump's later enforcement of this, as some overreach his administration invented, before people pointed out that they had been asleep at the wheel for the 4 years since it had been first created, implemented and enforced.
  • 2013 - Clapper committed criminal perjury when Ron Wyden asked Clapper (under Congressional testimony, and after giving him the question the day before), "Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?" Clapper responded, "No, sir." -- Edward Snowden and Wikileaks exposed that the NSA had been collecting cell phone metadata on millions of Americans [8]. Snowden admitted it was Clapper lying under oath that had been the last straw for him, and was why he leaked.
    • 26 Senators signed a letter to Obama for the abuse of secret legal system and Clapper's perjury. [9]. Clapper later apologized and claimed he forgot about the whole Patriot Act Surveillance thing.
    • Seven Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee called on Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate Clapper, 6 others asked Obama to at least fire him for the perjury, but the first rule of the Obama Administration is the Obama administration doesn't hold itself accountable for bad behavior. The second rule is the Press won't hold them accountable for criminal behavior or not following their oath of office. So nothing ever materialized.
    • The ACLU sued Clapper for the bulk collection of private data (PII) on Americans, as a violation of the 4th Amendment, but an Obama sympathetic judge in NY dismissed the suit. I mean, how could illegally collecting of every phone call of innocent Americans, and hiding that collection from them, possibly be a violation of privacy? [10]
    • Clapper regularly goes on to lie about his original lie, when challenged. "I didn't lie, I misspoke". Those rules never apply to Republicans. [11]
  • 2012 - he was an advocate for "intelligence integration" -- which means unification of the intelligence gathering to a single platform/solution, that way the enemy that compromised one of our systems, would have access to everything. (Single point of failure). Great for commonality of support, lousy for compartmentalizing security threats.
  • 2011 - Obama's Abbottabad, Pakistan raid against Bin Laden's compound. Despite the misrepresentation of the raid (Obama took credit for decisive moves, while those involved claimed he had to practically be forced and threatened to let it go through), they managed to seize 470,000 documents. It took 6 years, but Clapper had released 471 redacted documents and said, "that's all of it", and pretended the public had been fully disclosed. Please ignore the other 469,529 documents.[12]


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Written 2018.05.22