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Jerusalem became the capital of Israel about 1000 BC, when King David captured the city and made it Jerusalem (the City of David), and center of the Israeli state. In 1995 a Bipartisan Congress nearly unanimously passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act which recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and Clinton, Bush, Obama all called Jerusalem the 'capital of Israel' and promised to move our embassy there, then failed to live up to their campaign promise. But on Dec. 6th, the Trump administration announced we were moving our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, and the left/U.N pretended this was end of days, and passed an amendment condemning the U.S. And Trump Administration stood firm, showing what leadership looks like. (It's not doing what's popular, but what is right).


  • Israel's Knesset (their Parliament) has always been in Jerusalem, since the founding of the modern country.
  • The President's house is in Jerusalem.
  • All government functions are controlled from Jerusalem.
  • Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel (not Tel Aviv, more than 41 miles away).
  • In 1995 Congress and the Senate both passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act which recognized Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel and called for Jerusalem to remain an undivided city. Bill Clinton signed it into law.
  • Every President has signed an executive order every six month postponing that act of Congress. All President Trump is doing is letting the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 take effect.
  • In 2000 George Bush promised that if elected, he would move the embassy to Jerusalem.
  • In 2002, the Foreign Relations Authorization Act said, "For purposes of the registration of birth, certification of nationality, or issuance of a passport of a United States citizen born in the city of Jerusalem, the Secretary shall, upon the request of the citizen or the citizen’s legal guardian, record the place of birth as Israel."
  • On 4 June 2008, Obama told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), in his first foreign policy speech after capturing the Democratic nomination the day before, that "Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it must remain undivided."
  • December 6th, 2017, Trump said, “While previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise, they failed to deliver. Today, I am delivering.” As we starting planning the move of our embassy.



WaPo and others claimed this risks inflaming tensions in the region (as if the continuous missile barrages, don't already do that), and could "make it more difficult to bring peace between Israelis and Palestinians".... something that has been on the table at least 3 times, and the Palestinians walked away from, because they refuse to recognize Israel and Jews rights to exist.

The President responded with, "We cannot solve our problems by making the same failed assumptions and repeating the same failed strategies of the past". In other words, we gave Palestine everything they asked for, and still they rejected peace. Time to just ignore their protestations, as they haven't been serious about peace for 70 years. If they want peace, let's threaten them with the alternative (non-relevance and non-existence).

This time the Islamic Extremists and Apologists protested in the U.N. -- but instead of being feckless (like Obama admin, which stabbed Israel in the back), the Trump Admin trolled the voices coming out against him and Nikki Haley stood up to the U.N., cut their budget, and threatened to cut some more. Which caused the left even more apoplexy. How dare we look out for our interests, or the interests of the free world?

Hypocrite Diane Feinstein condemned President Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, and announcing his intention to move the US embassy in Israel there.... in 1995 she was one of 93 out of 100 Senators who voted for the 'Jerusalem Embassy Act' which officially recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and pledged to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the historic capitol within four years.

On the other hand, Hungary's President Viktor Orban reportedly vetoed a European Community resolution condemning Trump's action, and Hungary is expected to move its embassy to Jerusalem. The Czech Republic, Philippines also is following the U.S. lead.



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