Joker (2019)

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Joker (2019)

DC comic movies are generally darker than Marvel ones. And this was the darkest of the DC Comic films. It's not really a superhero or super villain movie... it's more just a deep, dark, psychologically exploration into what broke a mentally disturbed man and turned him into the Joker (anti-Hero) and why did people follow him? Was it good? Not really. It was slow, cerebral, incredibly well acted, a little twisted, low action, all for the final crescendo that you knew was coming. But it was interesting telling of the darker side of the Batman saga, and it had some interesting messages/reflections on society. So if you want to watch an psychological snuff film that created Batman's nemesis, and has inferred commentary on the nihilists depressive under-society, then it's the best thing in the theaters. And it feels like a kind of movie that you don't "like", but will have an impact, and you will think about in the future. Kinda like the two suicides I discovered.

I had interest in seeing it, because the left-of-center places where slamming it, and a few right of center ones were pointing it's merit.

Without too many spoilers, the "Clown" that will be Joker is becoming a bit infamous as an anti-hero in the city, because of an altercation with rich assholes, and the crumbling corrupt city has the "eat the rich" attitude of Bernie Sander / Elizabeth Warren, while the guy running for Mayor is a douchebag Hillary type elitist treating them like unwashed deplorable's and "clowns". Since this death spiral of progressivism is likely to lead to a deep/dark place, I think it hit a little too close to home for some of the lefty movie reviewers. But the audience's higher ratings for it, seemed to get that it wasn't really overt political commentary on any one side -- it was just about angst, frustration, and any dark dystopia. So it's sort of a Rorschach Inkblot, in that you can read in the motives you want... but some didn't like what they saw. (Which is good, it might hint that they do have a microgram of introspection in all their finger-pointing zeal).

Reviewers usually like deep, and thoughtful, and impactful, or for the art (well filmed, acted, directed). This is all of those. But it's still a hard to watch subject. More so if you're a far left reviewer that's showing how exploitive the far left is with their nihilist messages, eat the rich, and the burn it all down philosophy. So because it hits too close to home, the lefty reviews gave it a 70%, while the viewers gave it a 92% -- a 22 point spread. I'm split. On impact it was good. On entertainment? I didn't like it. But don't regret seeing it.


It was deep, dark, cerebral, well acted, well directed, the story told a message (but was slow, low action, and all in the mind of a suffering individual)... but it was like One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest for the New Millennium, and sans humor. So if you go into it, knowing that's what you want to see, then


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