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A Canadian Psychological Philosopher that specialized in abnormal, social, and personality psychology -- with a focus on the psychology of religious and ideological beliefs. This made him almost uniquely qualified to comment on the negative implications of political correctness (racism, sexism, discrimination and gender identity) and the impacts of group-think on society. He was known in academic and smaller circles, but he because "famous" over a viral video: a clueless liberal (Cathy Newman) on UK's Channel 4 News, tried to do the usual leftist attack on Jordan (and anyone) that understand the flaws of postmodernism, sexism/the gender pay gap, campus protests and the flaws of intersectional marxism. The interview was comical in the extremes of him saying one thing like, "men aren't being raise to take responsibility", and her replying, "so you're saying that Women are failing at their responsibilities for raising men". It summed up every argument a reasoned person has had with a leftist snowflake in comic relief.

12 Rules for Life Tour (2019)
As part of his 12 Rules for Life book tour, Jordan Peterson did a show in San Jose (2019.01.22 @ City National Civc), where I'd also seen Styx a few years ago. So I called some friends that I knew liked him, and bought a block of tickets.

I was expecting a book tour thing, that covered sort of self-help, take personal responsibility, and stuff like that. But it was actually him talking about what inspired him to write his books, which went all over the map. He's an academic, and started a bit scattered, but as it went on, he started bringing things together and having a coalesced message and it was quite an interesting and fun talk. more...


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