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Ignorant, spiteful ex-commedian, most famous for her role as steaming partisan Bitch-Queen on ABC's the View. I just track some examples of why having Michael Moore in Drag, doesn't help ABC's credibility, especially since they moved "The View" from their entertainment division to their News division. Seriously, they think it's a News show.

Impotent potables

  • On air she admitted that Democrats should never "admit" they want to violate the constitution and confiscate our guns (as Beto had done), they should get elected then destroy the nation by just seizing them, resulting in violent retaliation and insurrection, not to mention stealing property without due process, and creating a Constitutional crisis. Two words define her: dumb cunt! [1]
  • 2018.04 Joy Behar drew moral equivalence between Trump, Vlad And Kim Jong Un, nasty ignorant human. [2]
  • 2018.02.18 in regards to Vice President Mike Pence's religiosity, Behar remarked: "It's one thing to talk to Jesus, it's another thing when Jesus talks to you. That's called mental illness, if I'm not correct, hearing voices." Pence accused the show of expressing "religious intolerance."... and 40,000 calls to ABC, 6,000 complaints to the show's advertisers, and almost a month later (March 13th) Behar issued an apology on air, stating: "I think Vice President Pence is right; I was raised to respect everyone’s religious faith, and I fell short of that. I sincerely apologize for what I said.[3]
  • 2015.09.14, Behar and Michelle Collins poked fun at Miss America 2016 contestant Kelley Johnson's monologue about her occupation as a registered nurse. Behar questioned why Johnson had "a doctor's stethoscope on." There was immediate social media backlash from the nursing profession and their supporters under the hashtag #NursesUnite, resulting in an eventual apology.


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Joy being Joy: nasty human:

The View
The View was a talk show with 3 or 4 female shrill Liberals that gang-bang the one token conservative. In the case of Elisabeth Hasselbeck they haranged and bullied her off the show for being "too Christian/Conservative for their audience". E.g. they were worried about the balance and likability she might bring to the show. Ratings plummeted on The View, while Hasselbeck grew the FoxNews Channel ratings (she went to immediately afterwards) by 9%. Yeah, Elizabeth was the problem. They replaced her with Meghan McCain, and they repeatedly had incidents with her not being liberal and stupid enough. Basically, the two most obnoxious are Joy Behar, and Whoopi Goldberg, who like to prove their stupid, divisive, hypocrisy, on a regular basis -- with Joy being more obnoxious, and Whoopi just looking ignorant. Lousy show with lousy humans, makes their viewing audience dumber with every viewing.