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Some dishonest folks (like Robert Reich) tried to make it sound like a black officer, approaching a black suspect, for suspicious activity and waiving around a gun, was a case of racism / police abuse. It's called doing your job.

Robert Reich III (or the 3rd Reich), commented on things that are beyond his intellectual carrying capacity (or at least his honesty carrying capacity). He ponders if open carry is legal, then why was Keith Lamont Scott approached? Wasn't that racism[1]

Does it sound like racism that a black suspect was approached by a black office, that Scott was a convicted felon and not able to have a gun (and that was rumored to be part of the original reason for contact), that they were in a bad part of town (where many drug deals went down), serving a warrant on someone when they say someone looking disoriented and brandishing a gun, hanging out in a car, getting in and out of the car, and look suspicious, a cop might come up and check things out, "hey, what's up? Everything OK?"

And if you have a reasonable response, that's the end of the contact. If you ignore the cop, get back in the car holding a gun, and 10 other officers come to the scene and say "out of the car, and drop the gun", at least 14 times. If you follow directions, your odds of survival are orders of magnitude higher than if you come out of the car holding said weapon, and refuse to follow directions.

The wife seems to have lied, "he only has a book". He had a TBI and acting weird (and being on mood and behavior altering drugs) wasn't abnormal, or at least not so much that she did feel she had to explain his crazy behavior. And a right to carry doesn't extend to the mentally impaired.

That doesn't mean I know if he should have been shot or not: we don't know for sure if the shooting was justified or an over reaction (did he have the gun his hands, was he raising it, as the cops implied)? And being weird or impaired isn't automatic justification for assassination. But it is justification for the initial contact, that's a far better explanation than racism, as Reichs race-baiting question implies.

We have a pretty good idea that a black officer isn't going to just shoot another guy for being black, if said guy doesn't appear to be a threat. And whether a mistake was made or not, a guy acting weird, in a sketchy part of town, while brandishing a weapon and not following direction, and getting shot by a black cop, is not the BLM supporters trope of cops hunting and shooting innocent people for being black. But I guess all those facts haven't crossed the smartest democrat alive's mind.


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