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Kevin R. Gutzman is an American constitutional scholar, historian and Professor of History at Western Connecticut State University, and all around nice guy. Also a FB friend that I've had many interactions with over the years.

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Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution -
The Constitution of the United States created a representative republic marked by federalism and the separation of powers. The biggest failure in our Republic has been activist (leftist) judges on the Supreme Court that have expanded the power of that Court, Courts in general, and have then used their imagined powers to encroach or rewrite the Constitution into areas that it, and thus they, never had any authority. (While the Congress and President did little, because that encroachment suited them in the moment). This book details a lot of that devolution from Republic into an Oligarchy of 9, that often don't even pretend to defend the Constitution, but only their own opinions, using prior imagined precedent as cover.

Electoral College and the National Popular Vote - After every election that the democrats lose, a faction starts coming out in force and explaining why we should eliminate the electoral college Which is especially ironic if their selective amnesia didn't interfere with their memories of just weeks before the 2016 loss, they were excitedly talking about how the electoral college could help Hillary prevent President Trump from coming to power, even if he won the popular vote. After they lost, the tone flipped 180° without a picosecond of introspection, or the slightest bit of irony. If you want to understand the full force of that irony, remember Obama lost the popular vote to Hillary in the primary (but he had more delegates), and Hillary lost the popular vote to Bernie Sanders (but she had more delegates): so neither of them would have likely been President if they practiced what they preached. But when some people lose, they want to retroactive change the rules, and get mad when you call them bad sports for doing it. However, if you have any clue about civics, history and human nature, you have an inkling of why the electoral college was created, and why eliminating it, would probably destroy the nation.

Declaration of Slave Owners - A historian friend of mine (Kevin Gutzman) wanted to clear the record. The claim is the authors of Declaration of Independence were hypocrites since they wrote that, "all men are created equal", while they had and supported slavery (and Women weren't included). Ignoring the gross historical fallacy of Presentism, in this case, it is also ignorance. I paraphrase Gutzman below (with my own commentary added in the conclusion).


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