Largest U.S. Massacres

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Here's a list of some of the largest U.S. mass murders:


Here's a list of some of the largest global mass murders, to contrast with the U.S.11 items

Who What Lessons
2001.09.11 Twin Towers

Islamic Terrorists
Dead/Injured: 2996/6000
Weapon: Box Cutters (& Airplanes)
🚫 Gun Free Zone

After ignoring a threat, despite multiple other attacks, and then ignoring multiple warnings that the CIA and other intelligence agencies (foreign or domestic) missed and/or ignored. 19 hijackers hijacked 4 planes with box cutters, and flew them into various soft targets, as Tom Clancy and others had warned about. ❌ Gun Control is a distraction, the biggest threats use other tools.

❌ Trusting the authorities to protect you, your family, or be competent

  • Politics: Islamic Radicalism - while they don't align with American politics, the left has generally been more sympathetic to their cause, more reluctant to aggressively deal with the problem, and they both blame the U.S. for many things.
1997.03.20 Heaven's Gate

Marshall Applegate
Dead/Injured: 39
Weapon: Plastic bags
🚫 Gun Free Zone

University Music Professor Marshall Applewhite founded a mystical cult around extraterrestrials, and the idea that aliens on the Hale-Bopp comet would provide them new bodies if they freed their spirits (killed themselves) for the ride. They did a darwinian service of culling the mentally weak from the herd in San Diego, and showed that you don't need guns to kill a lot of people. ❌ Gun Control couldn't help

βœ… Critical thinking skills and skepticism, if they were taught in our schools (indoctrination camps) might have helped

  • Politics: Sci-fi Millenarianism
1995.04.19 Oklahoma City Bombing

Tim McVeigh
Dead/Injured: β‰ˆ168/680+
Weapon: Fuel, Fertilizer, Truck
🚫 Gun Free Zone

In retaliation for the quasi-legal Waco/Ruby Ridge massacres by Government (86 dead), Tim McVeigh (with help from Terry Nichols, his army roommate) filled a Ryder rental truck with 13 x 55 gallon barrels full of racing fuel (nitromethane) and fertilizer (Ammonium Nitrate), drove it to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, and detonated it. ❌ Gun Control (confiscation) caused/contributed to the massacre

βœ… When only the government has guns, you live in a Police State

  • Politics: Anti-Government.
1993.04.19 Waco Siege

Dead/Injured: β‰ˆ86/16
Weapon: Assault Rifles, Teargas, Fire

The Clinton Administration attacked some religious separatists in a botched show-of-force, that resulted in a shootout and siege, and convinced the Davidian's that the Government was out to get them. Then after 51 day siege, the FBI tried to tear gas the Davidian's out, and burned the compound down killing 76 people instead. This angered anti-government types, and got the Oklahoma City Bombing as a result. ❌ Gun Control (confiscation) caused/contributed to the massacre

βœ… When only the government has guns, you live in a Police State

  • Politics: Davidian's were separatists that had lived in peace in the community since 1981 (12 years), it was only after Janet Reno's raid, that they became violent.
1992.08.21 Ruby Ridge

ATF/FBI (Government)
Dead/Injured: β‰ˆ3/2
Weapon: Guns

U.S. Government Agents (FBI/ATF) railroaded a guy to try to make him an informant. When he refused, they used screw-ups and technicalities to spy on him, got caught, got in a shootout, caused a siege, killed his wife, child and dog, then hid evidence of their malfeasance in all of it. And later got scolded in an investigation, and settled a civil suit for $3.1M. ❌ Gun Control was the problem. Governments lack of it, as well as bad laws making an excuse for abuse of power

❌ The government was on the wrong side of this one.

  • Politics: Anti-gun Democrat Administration and their abuse of the law.
1978.11.18 Jonestown

Jim Jones & Followers
Dead/Injured: 918
Weapon: Poison (Flavor-aid)

Jim Jones was the Democrats highly honored and respected cult leader, that had their full support. Until crimes started coming out and he fled to Jonestown, Guyana. And in failing health, and with the authorities closing in, he convinced/forced his followers to drink cyanide laced kool-aid (Flavo-Aid), which is where comments about "don't drink the Kool aid" come from. ❌ He supported Gun Control, and used poison and leftism instead

βœ… Being skeptical of leftists motives would have helped

  • Politics: ⬅️ Leftism (Strong Democrat supporter)
1927.05.18 Bath School disaster

Andrew Kehoe
Dead/Injured: 45/58
Weapon: Explosives
🚫 Gun Free Zone

Andrew Kehoe was angry over losing an election, under financial distress of losing his farm partly because of high taxes, so he decided to seek revenge on the town by blowing up the school and killing all the kids. Not all of his bombs went off, and "only" 38 students were killed. 500lbs. of explosives were found in the basement, undetonated. ❌ Gun Control couldn't have worked on bombs

βœ… There were indications that he was distraught, suicidal, and an angry man

  • Politics: Unknown. Anti-societal revenge-seeking angry man.
1921.05.29 Tulsa Race Riots

Whites, Government, KKK
Dead/Injured: β‰ˆ100-300/800
Weapon: Guns, Fire, Airplanes

A black guy assaulted a white girl, and the black community confronted a white mob, 10 whites were killed, and there was a major backlash (with the help of city government, and the KKK) to burn, shoot and cause mayhem back -- while black sniped intruders, leaving many dead and lots more injuries. Only to have this embarrassment swept under the rug by both sides for 75 years. ❌ Gun Control wouldn't have helped

❌ The government was on the wrong side of this one.

  • Politics: Racial: though the KKK was generally the militant wing of the DNC.
1920.09.16 Wall Street Bombing

Anti-capitalists (leftists)
Dead/Injured: 38/400+
Weapon: Bomb

The deadliest terror attack up to that date, was when a horse-drawn wagon with 100 lbs of dynamite and cast iron weights was detonated in front of J.P. Morgan bank on Wall Street. It was likely done by anti-Capitalists (leftist Galleanists or other militant socialists active at the time). ❌ Gun Control wouldn't help

βœ… More suspicion of leftism

  • Politics: ⬅️ Leftist anti-capitalist
1890.12.29 Wounded Knee

7th U.S. Cavalry
Dead/Injured: β‰ˆ325/51
Weapon: Guns, Knives, Clubs
🚫 Gun Free Zone

The U.S. Government decided to disarm the Lakota without compensating them for the cost of the weapons. When some resisted, government forces started firing into Indians, some of which fought back with whatever they had. Hundreds of Women and children were killed. ❌ Gun Control (confiscation) caused/contributed to the massacre

βœ… When only the government has guns, you live in a Police State

  • Politics: ⬅️ Left - While William Harrison (R) was President, the Indian relocation had been started and championed by Democrats.
1857.09.07 Mountain Meadows Massacre

Utah Territorial Militia
Dead: β‰ˆ120-140
Weapon: Guns & Knives

Mormon persecution lead to suspicion and paranoia, and after some animals (and people) were alleged poisoned, and during a time when a Democrat President was agitating the mormons with the U.S. military, they wiped out a Wagon train (the Baker–Fancher party). There's a lot of fuzziness on whether it was sanctioned by Mormon leadership, and whether the rumors about the Baker–Fancher party were true.
Dead/Injured: β‰ˆ130
❌ Gun Control wouldn't have mattered, it was basically an armed insurrection.

βœ… If Government had provided protection of the Mormon minority, they might not have been so victimized/paranoid.

  • Politics: Basically, it was a subset of Mormon separatists behaving badly, after a Democrat President made things worse.