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When Laura Ingram says shut up and dribble, LeBron called it racist. When the Chinese Master says it, he does it.

The NBA was pandering to the Chinese by distancing themselves (and apologizing to the Communists) from a Daryl Morey tweet (General Manager of the Houston Rockets), in which Morey expressed support for the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong. James said Morey was “misinformed”, and demonstrated that he is as ignorant about China/Hong Kong as he is about everything except basketball. James point was that we shouldn't get all political when trying to do the playoffs (or endangering his rich China/Nike endorsement contract), but this is the same hypocrite that called Trump voters uneducated, and has used every opportunity to demonstrate his lack of knowledge on many political issues. So sure, Nike and him can align with brutal Chinese human rights violators, but I think this will cost his brand in the long run.


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Trump Voters "uneducated"