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(D) California State Senator - one of the loudest anti-Gun voices in California (a state full of anti-Gun fascists), was always Leland. He was lecturing us all on not having Assault Weapons in the hands of the people, right before he got arrested for illegal arms trafficking. As you can only imagine of a California Democrat Hypocrite, he had accolades out the wazoo, while doing international weapons trafficking by buying $2.5M in illegal assault weapons and rocket launchers from an Islamic Terrorist organization in the Philippines (for sale in the U.S.), only to find out that he made the deal with an undercover FBI agent. Oh, and the $42,800 in unrelated bribes he'd taken was also from undercover FBI agents. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison.


He was everything the Democrats wanted in a legislator: hate guns, hates Constitutional liberties protected by the 2A, was corrupt and abused power, and a flaming hypocrite. So the far-left loves to give each other awards, and they showered them on him:

  • California Legislator of the Year by San Francisco Women's Political Committee
  • California Legislator of the Year by the American Federation of State
  • California Legislator of the Year by County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME Local 3299)
  • California Legislator of the Year by California Society of Certified Public Accountants
  • California Legislator of the Year by Associated Students of the University of California (Davis)
  • California Legislator of the Year by California Faculty Association
  • Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll by the Brady Campaign.
  • Freedom of Information Award by the California Newspaper Publishers Association
  • Modern Day Abolitionist Award by the San Francisco Collaborative Against Human Trafficking
  • Building a State of Equality by Equality California
  • Distinguished Service to Journalism Education Award by the Journalism Association of Community Colleges
  • Service Award by Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse of San Mateo County
  • Scholastic Journalism Award by the Journalism Education Association
  • Beacon Award by the First Amendment Coalition
  • Leadership Award from the California Animal Association
  • Special Friend of Children Award by the National Association of School Psychologists
  • Public Official Award by the Society of Professional Journalists

Among others. He epitomized their values, and most of all shows what good judgement they have if this is the kind of guy that they looked up to and praised. You don't get to claim that you loved him one minute, then act shocked that he was a scummy dirtbag the whole time and "who knew?", when it was your job to know. Giving him these awards says that either you were stupid or corrupt, and frankly, stupid is the better of the two, though the latter is more likely the case and they're only distancing themselves because he got caught.


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