Life of Pi (2012)

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One long, slow movie -- but probably one of the best and most touching movies of the year for me.

This kind of movie is why I'll suffer through mediocre movies until the end, in the hopes that they have and ending and message as worthy as this. My wife doesn't have the patience, and 9 out of 10 times, a slow movie results in a bad clich├ęd ending. But every now and then, you get redemption.

A few people said the book was better, and I could believe that. The movie just couldn't build much interest/suspense for me --- so it was mostly a slow visuals film, with little dialog, and less plot.

If you're willing to watch Cast Away meets The Shack (the book), with slow, slow pacing and nice visuals and a great ending/message -- and endings can make a movie for you, then it's definitely worth it.