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I must say, after seeing her speak and reading multiple things by her (books, articles, etc), Madeleine Albright (Marie Jana Korbelová) is a vicious, small minded and fundamentally dishonest person. IMHO, of course. She served under Bill Clinton as the Secretary of State (1997-2001), and is one of the few that served under him, without that literally being true. I can't say I blame him, dishonest people are a turn-off. This goes into a few things about her.


Her political career started serving for Ed Muskie, and Jimmy Carter. In other words, she started out learning her tradecraft from two of the biggest fucking disasters in foreign policy we've ever had. The Oil Crisis, Malaise, Killer Swamp Rabbits, getting the Shah to give up his seat and causing the Iranian Revolution, failing to rescue the hostages in over a year: incompetence doesn't begin to describe it.

Then her Résumé goes to being the Democratic Party foreign policy advisor for Vice-Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro in 1984 and Presidential candidate Michael Dukakis in 1988 -- two of the worst political defeats in our nations History. So with a Résumé like that, Clinton made her Ambassador to the United Nations in 1993. Where she oversaw the genocide in Rwanda -- while she had harsh words for others involved at the time (and blocked Boutros Boutros-Ghali from second term as U.N. Secretary: one good thing), history shows she was for reducing forces trying to stop the gennoacide and was all for non-involvement at the time. Her typical revisionism usually has her inferring that she was a champion of the cause and only regrets not doing more (instead of an incompetent facilitator that prevented more from being done).

Being able to misremember history like that, meant Clinton HAD to make her Secretary of State. Which she played as breaking some glass ceiling, and thus is loved by feminists who want to ignore more substantial conservatives who had already cleared the ceiling for her. The first rule of modern feminism is put party before gender.

Some prominent Republican appointments include:
  • Eisenhower's appointment of Oveta Culp Hobb as head of Health, Education and Welfare
  • Nixon's appointment of Anne Armstrong Co-Chair of the RNC, she was appointed as counselor to the President with cabinet rank, and established the Office for Women’s Programs
  • Ronald Reagan's appointment of Sandra Day O'Conner to the Supreme court
  • Belva Lockwood who ran for President in 1884
  • Margaret Chase Smith (R) as the first female Presidential nomination from a major party (1964)
  • Gina Haspel as the first female CIA Director by Woman-Hater Donald Trump.

Secretary of State

So having been mentored by Ed Muskie and Jimmy Carter, she wanted to leave her mark as Secretary of State and gave us:

  • Presiding over handing Hong Kong to the Chinese
  • She was an advocate for the war in Kosovo (and is loved for that). And while it did manage to succeed, people forget that it was the Clinton Administration and Albright that started the foreign policy concept of unprovoked war against a country that was no threat to the U.S., not Bush as the revisionists misremember. (Or at least refreshed it, in my lifetime).
  • After ignoring pleas from U.S. Ambassador to Kenya (Prudence Bushnell) for increase security, our embassies were bombed (August 1998), which she blamed on her predecessor (Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama used the same technique for their identical incompetence, 14 years later in Benghazi, Libya).

"Iraq is a long way from USA but, what happens there matters a great deal here. For the risks that the leaders of a rogue state will use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons against us or our allies is the greatest security threat we face.”

~ Madeline Albright
Feb 18, 1998
  • Instead of acting on Saddam's violations of the terms of cease fire, the Clinton administration bombed a milk factory and put Sanctions on Iraq that did nothing to hurt the leadership (and was later shown to have been corrupted by the U.N., France and Germany, and is why Bush had to go to war). But those Sanctions lead to more than 500,000 children dead. When asked by Lesley Stahl (in an Emmy Award winning segment of 60 minutes), "We have heard that half a million children have died. I mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And, you know, is the price worth it?". Albright's reply, "We think the price is worth it." Later, instead of apologizing or admitting the administrations mistake, Albright blames Stahl for a loaded question and Iraqi propaganda. Because that's the kind of person she is.
  • Later, in 1998 she was a huge advocate for War in Iraq (which is what Bill Clinton and the Democrats were proposing). She had asked Colin Powell, "What's the point of you saving this superb military for, Colin, if we can't use it?" (when he was Secretary of Defense). Once Colin Powell became Secretary of State, and there was more evidence of the failure of U.N. sanctions (and corruption and abuse), and of many more bad deeds like terrorist sponsorship by Saddam, she reversed her position, and became an advocate of never wanting war with Eastasia.
  • She met with with Kim Jong-il (North Korea), and helped broker a deal that gave them billions of dollars in aide, if they gave up their Nuclear Ambitions. But the deal had no teeth, so North Korea broke the deal time and time again, once he learned he could extort the gullible U.S. for money.

Zombie afterlife


After she left public office, she remained a loyal ally of the Clinton and Obama administrations, no matter what corruption or illegal activity they have done, and has never said a nice thing about the opposition party candidate or achievement. To give you an idea of her objectivity and putting the interests of the nation above politics:

  • In 2012, Albright was asked the question "How long will you blame that previous administration for all of your problems?", to which she replied "Forever"
  • In October 2012, responding to GOP candidate Mitt Romney's assertion that Russia was the "number-one geopolitical foe" of the United States. Albright claimed Romney's statement was proof that he had "little understanding of what was actually going on in the 21st Century [and] he is not up to date and that is a very dangerous aspect [of his candidacy]" <- history has thoroughly discredited her and proved Mitt right on this. She's never admitted a mistake or apologized.
  • With regards to Hillary Clinton email fiasco that resulted in thousands of classified emails (some top secret) getting leaked, she callously replied, "'Nobody is going to die' from Clinton emails", showing her contempt for the law, security clearances and common sense. [1]
  • Albright has described Donald Trump as "the most anti-democratic leader" in US history[2]. Let's see, the first Democrat President (Andrew Jackson) lead Indian Exterminations, Lincoln suspended Habeus Corpus and arrested Journalists, FDR ignored the 2 terms and committed multiple unconstitutional and anti-Democratic acts, and Obama had the most Unanimous Supreme Court rulings against his administration and did more with unconstitutional executive orders than any. And Trump is the problem for putting in a strict Constitutionalist on the Supreme Court?

She wrote the book on Fascism

If there's one thing Albright should know a lot about, it's Fascism. She came over as a refugee from fascism, and supported the most fascist administrations in my lifetime (Obama). And she wrote a book on fascism -- taking cheap shots at the Trump Administration. So of course the NYT loved the book (and forgot to mention their historical support of Hitler and other fascists)[3]

Having read a dozen books (and hundreds of articles) on the rise and fall of National Socialism, her basic tenet that the left and right were fighting in the streets of Germany or Italy is either pure ignorance, or pure lies.

If you ask, "What is fascism?" the answer is not anything like Trumpism. It looks a lot more like Obamanomics. Fascism is National SOCIALISM, and was about government controlling private business through taxes, laws and regulations, and authoritarian executive orders. All things Obama (and Clinton) were happy to do. While Trump has done little but rollback some of that executive overreach, and push congress to do their job (anti-fascism). Fascists came from and always will be a left wing movement. There was no conservative movement trying to push back to the way things were and moderate the changes that their progressives were demanding, there was no effort to fight for individualism or against big government solutions — there was just 3 flavors of lefties: communists, socialists and fascists, all fighting over which faction of far left ideology would win over an authoritarian left wing government that would put the collective above the individuals.

They were all pro-centralized government, pro-gun-control, pro-eugenics (abortions), anti-business (government controlling the businesses through regulations and laws), they all believed the rights of the many should outweigh the rights of the individual, they all believed in massive federal public education (indoctrination), and a two tier system where the party elites would be one class and the rest were all an inferior class. And they mocked the more individualist governments as inferior (like the UK). Frankly, they sound like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, with a little more racism and militarism.

Either Albright is completely ignorant of all that history, as is every fact checker she and the NYT has on staff, or she’s doctoring truth because she knows her base won’t call her on it. Either reflects on what a dishonest or incompetent piece of trash she is.



She came to my work (Adobe) in 2016 and spoke. I left thinking quick wit, somewhat charming/humorous (over-rehursed) anecdotes, and never missed an opportunity to barb the other side or misrepresent a story in her favor. That, and of course they've never invited a conservative to speak at my office.

I would have like to have seen some deeper questions asked, or challenge anything she lied about (spun). Questions like:

  • When should we end diplomacy and start bombing and why?
  • When should we end diplomacy and start trade wars and why?
  • Where does she come down on Snowden and secrecy? Or Hillary on her emails?
  • How much of being a sec state is enacting your policy (and influencing the administration), and how much is just being a tool for the President/administrations views (even when you know they're wrong/harmful)?
  • How can we back up non-compliance in a rogue regime?
  • Now that you know North Korea (or so many of your accomplishments were disasters), what would you do different?

Basically, where does the head diplomat draw the line? But this wasn't that kind of event. It was meant as an opiate for the progressive masses, not anything that would encourage thought. But alas, she doesn't do any hard interviews since the 1990's and 60 minutes got her to admit how cold and dishonest a person she really is.


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Written 2016.09.26 Edited: 2018.05.22