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Stepdad #3: Marcus

Hawaii 2018

2018.Oahu.XMas.jpegSo a few family shots for Christmas Cards were required.
2018.Oahu.Family.jpegMom and Marcus chilaxing.
2018.Oahu.Thanksgiving.jpegWhile we did some nice meals, we also did a Thanksgiving at Denny's (which mortified the teen). Sometimes we're high-brow, sometimes we're a Denny's kinda family: we didn't want to do a huge buffet, when Melissa, the kids and I are all fairly light eaters.
2018.Oahu.Beach3.jpeg Drinks all around...
2018.Oahu.Snorkel6.jpegThen it was everyone in the water (life vests required?).
2018.Oahu.Snorkel.jpgMelissa and Marcus got trashed, and the kids were playing guide animals to the happy-wobbly adults.
2018.Oahu.Church.jpgMarcus had diabetes and was on the short road to death, when he visited this Church. The Pastor mentioned he would be cured, and he soon got a rare liver/kidney transplant, which cured his diabetes and he got a new family (us). So we returned there to a black, gospel, very rival feeling church.
2018.Oahu.SeaLife1.jpegWe went out to the Sea Life Park. It's a pretty drive, with scenery and things on the way (like blow hole and beaches)
2018.Oahu.WF6.jpgOther than the warnings about various animals dropping off various diseases in the water, so swim at your own risk, it was fine. No one got ill.
2018.Oahu.SS3.jpegIt was in an office building looking place. We were warned: each serving will feed a Samoan. So we ordered a sampler for 3-4 people -- it fed nine of us, and we had left-overs. I'd describe it as fantastic Asian Fusion. We went back the next night and ordered the same thing, and it was still delicious.