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A far left New York Governor, that alienates anyone with a triple digit IQ. After Antifa made their slogan, "America was never great!" (in mocking response to Trump's "Make America Great Again", borrowing from Reagan), Cuomo used the same slogan in a couple of speeches, to boo's and hisses amongst the Americans in the audience. (Some of the Democrats cheered). This whole shift left, from fanatic to radical, was likely a response to being primary'ed by Cynthia Nixon (Socialist). He saw what happened to Rep. Crowley, so wanted to defend his far left fanaticism in areas like NYC and the Bronx, but he alienated the rest of the state (and most of the nation). Remember, the problem isn't that it was a gaffe (all politicians make gaffe's), the problem is always when liberals let their sincere contempt for the country leak out.


His father (Andrew Cuomo) was an idiot leftist governor of NY as well, but was at least a patriot and would be disgusted by his son. And pretty much the only reason Mario won is by legacy/name recognition/dynasty. The left hates that shit among the right, but Kennedy, Clinton, Obama, Cuomo, and so on, all show they love it from their side.

Mario's brother (Chris Cuomo) is a dim-witted FakeNews reporter over at CNN, with his own set of gaffe's like claiming "hate speech" isn't protected by the First Amendment, then defending antifa, or claiming that it is illegal for the public to possess Hillary's Campaign chief's emails that showed how corrupt and contemptuous of voters that the Hillary campaign was. So foot-in-mouth over sincerely held moronic beliefs seems to run in the family. Their families sperm may be faster than all the other guys that their spouses have been with, but they sure aren't the smart ones that keep winning.

The good news is that he ruined his chances for ever running for President -- that shit might fly in coastal enclaves, but will be a millstone in America. As they used to say, "Will it play in Peoria?".... and this would play as well there as Rosanne's version of the National Anthem.


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