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Mary Ann Mendoza.jpg

Mary Ann: we have a right to protect the citizens of this country.

Twitter: no you don't! Banned!

An angel mom who lost her son to an illegal alien in 2014, is a bit of an activists against open borders. She committed the high twitter crime of criticizing Democratic presidential candidate and California Sen. Kamala Harris for her inane stance on illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. Message received: speaking truth to power is not appreciated by power. Fascist gotta goose-step.

Twitter is an enemy of free speech and tolerance. Examples include them shadow banning conservatives (and admitting it, on-tape), some of their employees getting excited about violating their members privacy (assuming those members are conservatives/Trump), and how they suppressed anti-Hillary tweets during the election. That's scarily Orwellian. It's still their company and they get to be as dicky as they want to be with it (within the bounds of the law). But I'm going to point out their moral terpitude just so that consumers can make an informed choice -- not as any call to action (legal, governmental or otherwise).



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