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Mass Murder Basics

Mass Murders vs. Mass Shootings

Quick, would you rather be burned alive, hacked to death with a hatchet, or shot in the head by a sniper?

One of the great political propaganda tracking "mass shootings", instead of mass murders.

To the victims, or the families, murder is the problem -- not the tool used. And honestly, being shot to death might be a better way to go, than tortured, burned or raped to death. That being said, this article is mostly about fallacies around mass shootings. But I wanted to be clear that the context of how to stop mass shootings is biased, if all you do is convert sociopaths into using more effective and horrible means like fire, bombs, poison, poison gas, or other even more heinous methods.

Sensationalizing = more deaths

The worst thing you can do is sensationalize shootings and give the crazies lots of media and political attention, or you'll get copy-cats. Some asocial crazies will be drawn to the fame/attention and going out in a blaze of glory, like moths to a flame. So many politicians/media love to do exactly that, and sacrifice the lives of future people for their fame/speeches or the righteous cause of their gun-control agenda.

This is likely why the frequency in the U.S. has gone up so much lately: they can die on TV and make their lives matter.

  • Must watch 2009 Charlie Booker's Newswipe report, where a forensic psychiatrist lays out some rules for the media to follow when reporting on such incidences... and the media proceeds to break pretty much all of them for headlines and clickbait. Also popularized in 2012 via Upworthy

Gun-Free Zones = more deaths / Citizens save lives

Part of the reason so many died in Newton, is because it was a gun free zone, so Lanza had over 5 minutes to pick off kids, then turned the pistol on himself. 5 minutes after that the police entered. That's not to criticize the Police, a 10 minute response time was really good -- but it reminds us of the old adage, when seconds count, the police are just 10-15 minutes away. This is nothing unusual, according to the FBI[1], the average "active shooter" kills 3 people over about 5 minutes, and doesn't even need to reload (but most have more than one gun). 66% of the time it ended before police arrived because, the shooter fled, committed suicide, or a citizen intervened. (And most of the time the shooter committed suicide or fled is because civilians intervened)

Here’s a peer reviewed study[2]: In the last 100 shootings - the average number of people killed in mass shootings when stopped by police is 14.29, when stopped by a civilian it is 2.33

There are hundreds of examples of Mass shootings stopped by armed civilians. Those claiming that civilians don’t stop school shootings are either either ignorant or liars. Period. So if you hear that claim in writing, you can write off that site or source as partisan or incompetent.

Largest U.S. Massacres

  • Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890 (250).
  • Mountain Meadows Massacre in 1857 (120)
  • Tulsa Massacre in 1921 (150)
  • The Bath School disaster in 1918 (45 kids dead and 58 injured) long before assault rifles (explosives and fire)
  • Waco in 1993 (86) - fire and guns

Largest Global Mass Shootings

  • Paris attacks results in 130 dead, 368 injured (another 12 dead in Charlie Hebdo)
  • Mubai attack results in 164 people dead and 308 injured
  • Beslan school siege results in 385 deaths, 783 injuries
  • Anders Breivik in Norway results in 77 dead, 319 injured
  • South Korea's Woo Bum-kon kills 57, wounds 35

The first thing you need to know is the breakdown of Mass shootings in the U.S. Using the most comprehensive study (the FBI study that looked at 2000-2013), and a summary is: 160 events (6 were females), averaging 11 events a year and 3 deaths per incident , 70% focused on "gun free zones" (businesses or schools), 67% ended before the police arrived, and 40% ended with the perpetrator committing suicide (most at the scene).

Other Countries

The lar

If you don't think gun-control advocates are politicizing things and standing on the graves of the victims for political gain, look at the facts with regards to the latest shooting (Omar Mateen and Pulse shooting):

  • if we know anything about mass shootings, it is that gun-control doesn't help reduce the body count at all, in strict gun control countries we have the following death/injury tolls:

  • after multiple warnings to take domestic threats seriously, we have a series of escalating attacks and warnings and Obama does the only thing he can, he tells us that Climate Change is a bigger threat to our safety than terrorism, 23 different times, and wants to pay $55B to resettle 10,000 Syrian Refugees that the FBI admits we can't adequately vet, and calls anyone that disagrees 'racists'
  • after Mateen openly makes threatening remarks and claims ties to terrorist (based on his Afghan heritage and hate for America's bombings over there), a few times, so multiple coworkers report him to the FBI. He also had ties to Moner Abu-Salha who becomes the first American suicide bomber in Syria: the FBI investigates and interviews him and finds nothing
  • A few days before the attack a Gun store won't sell ammo and body armor to Mateen, and calls and warns the FBI directly, nothing happened
  • Mateen's wife drives him to case places for his mass murder and doesn't call and report it
  • Mateen belongs to Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary that openly preaches against the gay community
  • Moments before the attack Mateen Facebooks "You kill innocent women and children by doing us airstrikes... now taste the Islamic state vengeance",
  • During the attack he goes outside, calls 911, gives his full name, pledges allegiance to ISIS, references Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev (may have gotten more ammo), and goes back inside to kill more people
  • ISIS takes credit and claims responsibility for the shooting
  • Cops let this rampaging fanatic run wild for 3 hours, while victims are bleeding out (easily doubling the death toll)
  • The foreign media immediately calls it what it is, "America's Paris Attacks", "Terrorism hits America" and so on
  • The President the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself), can't figure out what his motives could possible be. To them, the obvious problem, and only failure, was of the NRA and Republicans blocking gun control -- they focus on that, and the gay angle (or Mateen's sexuality), instead of the failures of the President's polices or the FBI and Cops that turned this sad event into a catastrophe.
  • The Press reports this as the biggest mass murder in American history -- it isn't close, in fact nearly as many die and more are wounded every month in strict gun-control and Democrat controlled Chicago. If you want a list of bigger mass murders that our illustrious Press forget about and has no competent fact checkers or editorial staff to remind them of. Of course since many of these were done by the Government guns, they don't count :

   *  Oklahoma City Bombing retaliation to Waco/Ruby Ridge (168)
   * 3,500 in NYC/World Trade Center (with box-cutters and planes
  • Homicides are at a 51 year low, crime is down, and your odds of being killed in a mass shooting are less than winning the lottery. Whereas heart disease kills 611,000 people per year, Cancer 584,000, medical mistakes are up (even after ACA) and kill 251,000 people per year in the U.S. Do the Democrats and their allies in the Press want to make a difference and save lives in something important that we could get agreement on like those things? Nope. They want to go after a far more polarizing and divisive issue that at most might save 50 people every year: excellent prioritization (if your goal is to distract from governments abject failure).
  • Democrats solution for the problem? Suspend the 5th amendment (due process), ignore the 2nd amendment, and offer a series of "common sense" gun control laws, not one of which would have changed anything in this or San Bernadino shooting case (which happened with illegal weapons in the strictest gun control state). Obviously, the solution is more gun laws that have no ability to impact this kind of shooting in any way. Here's a list of their bad ideas:
   * Magazine limits -- no difference in 
   * Watch lists

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