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Short intro

Do Silencers/Supressors Matter?


Anyone familiar with them knows on a 5.56 or 7.62 with a suppressor can only get about as silent as a jackhammer (or an unsilenced .22).

Gun Decibels

The basics are that a 100 decibels for more than 15 minutes can cause hearing loss. At 140 dBA noise causes immediate injury to almost any unprotected ear. A Jet Engine is 140 dB, thunder is about 119 db, and lawnmower is about 90dB.

An AR-15 or AK-47 is ≈155-165 dB. Suppressed ≈ 130-136 dB so loosely as loud as a Jet Engine.

So it goes

Everyone would have heard the same thing, over the music. And they would have reacted exactly the same. So dimwits like Hillary popularizing myths about tools she doesn't understand, only lowers the national IQ, and polarizes the informed against the uninformed.

Do Bump Stocks matter?


Here's a few things:

Q:How would you prevent? A: If you can't stop drugs from coming into the country, you can't stop guns. So attacking the guns is a waste of time.

Q: So what would help? (a) You require 2 police snipers for every event over 5,000 people (b) You put a 6 month prison sentence on any media outlet that reports on the name of the shooter, or sensationalizes the event in any way (since celebrity causes copy-cats).

Q: Would a suppressor have mattered? A: Q: What about Gun Control, Background checks, etc? A: It wouldn't have mattered.

There was no law on the books that would have prevented this guy from doing this. None of the proposals would have mattered. He was a millionaire with motivation.

Russia was a police state -- 380 dead at Beslan. Norway virtually outlawed guns -- Anders Breivik killed 77. France is a socialist anti-gun place: 130 dead 2 years ago.

If guns didn't exist, so you get 909 dead at Jonestown, 168 due to cow crap and diesel fuel in OKC, or 2,996 due to fully automatic box-cutters. This guy had planes, a pilot license, and enough explosives to kill a lot more people. Thank goodness he went with guns instead of a truck bomb.

So sad as it is, far better that he went out playing Butch Cassidy, than playing Tim McVeigh or Mohamed Atta.


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