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Articles about Medicare.

Medicare : 2 items

Medicare-for-all popularity.png
Medicare-for-all popularity - FakeNews, "Medicare-for-all is popular", even in red states. RealNews: Medicare-for-all is popular amongst the uninformed. Support drops below 37 percent (58% opposed) if survey takers are told that the bill would eliminate private insurance companies. Instead of informing viewers/readers of that fact, or what it would mean, FakeNews outlets love to popularize that Medicare-for-all myth. That's not news, it's propaganda.

Medicare administration costs - The left will dupe their rubes/base by claiming Medicare administration costs are a fraction of private healthcare... they don't tell you they spend more per patient or case handled. Wait, what? Here's how their prestidigitation works:
  • Private insurance is $5K per patient, and $300 of that is administrative costs, it looks like administration is 6% of costs.
  • Medicare is about $15K per patient and $400 in administrative costs for Medicare, it looks like the percent is lower on medicare (2.6%).
But in truth, it is costing you much more per patient, especially in administration. You're losing money on every patient handled, especially when you remember the person on private healthcare is getting better coverage (less rejections and delays, and more satisfaction). And this is just the tip of the flam-flam.